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The legendary @dolbytheatre theatre in glamorous #hollywood ...home of @theacademy awards! You may run into @leonardodicaprio here!
HOWEVER- You will NOT run into the mayor of LA here. He's in Ohio or something. Because... Where else would he be?!


  • 4w ago anthonyhenesjr anthonyhenesjr

    With a little better editing or maybe just a better camera, you’re taking #natgeo quality pictures. Keep up the good work!

  • 4w ago prairiedoge prairiedoge

    Aw snap.

  • 4w ago ogdens_own ogdens_own

    A picture worth a thousand words.

  • 4w ago zannadoop zannadoop

    Wow. Made it to Hollywood, soakin' up that California Lifestyle. Got a nice bike, prime pad, lots of exposure.......livin' the dream, baby.

  • 4w ago twistedmetalfab twistedmetalfab

    How that homeless guy got that nice of a bike?

  • 4w ago jordan0044 jordan0044

    Love ya Will

  • 4w ago pnm_79 pnm_79

    When I win the lotto I'm going to buy you a Leica with a 50mm noctilux because you have a great eye for street photography. Keep up the great work Wilson!

  • 4w ago devinmitchell86 devinmitchell86

    He's not homeless he's just waiting for the next star wars or something

  • 4w ago hollywoodwalk hollywoodwalk

    @anthonyhenesjr Wow. Extremely nice compliment! Thank you.

  • 4w ago hollywoodwalk hollywoodwalk

    @pnm_79 You are very kind.

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