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BOAA yesterday.


  • 5w ago judithberkking judithberkking

    Looove this- made me smile out loud!

  • 5w ago crankyceramics crankyceramics

    @judithberkking Biennales are always full of surprises Judith. This is from our visit to the Biennale in Ballarat, the town that was central to the goldrush in Victoria and made Victoria one of the wealthiest places on the planet. It still has beautiful colonial buildings intact and a magnificent lake.

  • 4w ago judithberkking judithberkking

    How wonderful! Must be a fun place to visit. There are soooo many places on my Australia list!

  • 4w ago woodlucker woodlucker

    Look at this😊😊😊😊

  • 4w ago nicolejakins_artist nicolejakins_artist

    Sounds like crickets!

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