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No one owes you anything. You must consistently demonstrate to people why they should care about what you say and what you can do. Everyday.
You are what you do. You are NOT what you think. You are NOT your intentions. You are NOT your formal education either. You are what you do. You are your behavior. You are your skillset.
Perfect example: I know many physical therapists and MDs who spent a lot of money for formal schooling. At the end of that schooling, they sat down to take a state licensing exam, eventually passing. This affords them the option to now perform their skillset on patients within the state they are licensed. They now can begin the process of honing their skillset and developing their personalized system for helping others.
Sadly, some of these practitioners embody a attitude of entitlement right around the time they are awarded this opportunity. They spent all that money and time to gain the designated letters after their name, and damn if they will allow other people who didn’t spend that time and money help those in need with similar skill sets. They are a doctor now. And associated and collaborating with “non-doctors” is below them. Who cares that they’ve only been practicing for 2 years out of school. They MUST know more than everyone around them that didn’t spend that time and money. They MUST be a “good doctor,” or else they wouldn’t have those fancy initials after their name on their fancy embossed business cards.
Thankfully, we work with doctors, nutritionists, coaches, and trainers who see the bigger picture. They understand that it takes decades to create a true skillset, which really begins after school, once you enter the workforce and have to pay your own bills. Sink or swim. And this same team understands that skill sets can overlap. I know coaches that do a better job at doctor stuff then many doctors. And I know doctors who have better coaching skills then coaches. And I know trainers who have a track record of better nutritional outcomes than registered dieticians.
Drop the dogma. Drop the entitlement. Your future depends on it as a professional.

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