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Nothing like those child hood spots and finding a random trailer! #skateboard #skateboardingisfun #skate #streets #saginaw @mi.skates #saginawmichigan


  • 23w ago donnyslovinglife donnyslovinglife

    Loved those bunches....looking good bro see you progressing

  • 23w ago donnyslovinglife donnyslovinglife

    @donnyslovinglife *benches

  • 23w ago glenno989 glenno989

    Yeah last bench left at white pine

  • 23w ago deadlast_lance deadlast_lance

    Back in the day when all the benches were there at white pine was amazing

  • 23w ago poncesolo poncesolo

    Good to see all the old school tricks still in rotation

  • 23w ago glenno989 glenno989

    @deadlast_lance I was like 12 to 14 and lived in that neighborhood and went to school there back then. That’s the very last bench there. Its on the south end of the school facing gratiot . I really wish I could skate the old pine after years of skating .

  • 23w ago poncesolo poncesolo

    @poncesolo I skated in Saginaw from 87-91 lots of good spots and good people. Great memories

  • 23w ago glenno989 glenno989

    @poncesolo that’s sick man! I’ve always tried to be hype and make the best of the saginaw streets . There are some decent spots.

  • 23w ago whateverskateboards whateverskateboards


  • 20w ago cc_shabeth cc_shabeth

    You are so good at this!!!

  • 14w ago hashtagalongofficial hashtagalongofficial

    I love this! :) I'm just trying to get a feel of what poeple think about my page. Can ya let me know if i should keep this up? Thanks! :)<3

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