Instagram post by @hairch3mi6t9 ཀཔཉei No ཉཇnshi Aka Lཔ།ཉ ༥༩ཇna


  • 14w ago elvin_garcia_nyc elvin_garcia_nyc

    What does that do?

  • 14w ago hairch3mi6t9 hairch3mi6t9

    It basically tracks how many ppl visit even if ur not using the charger. Picks up ur cellphone signal. It’s solar powered, so that’s cool. Some ppl are gonna go ✈️ mode 🤣🤣🤣

  • 14w ago hairch3mi6t9 hairch3mi6t9

    @elvin_garcia_nyc sorry for the late reply. I didn’t really explain well but in a previous post, there’s the sign that’s by the bench explaining what it is.

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