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Second of the third reason to #boycottDOLLSKILL!
Here is @nikkilipstick. I followed Nikki for the best part of 8 years on Tumblr growing up, I loved watching her designs grow and see her just flourish. Tumblr was the source of my fashion inspiration for years and years, because of Nikki and her friend @gitsiewood.
Yet... when I found out that even they, like @ozcult, were yet ANOTHER brand faced with a plagerist move by the Dollskill production team... I was shocked, hurt and genuinely confused. ... these brands shaped fashion, as much as we hate to admit how much Tumblr made any form of influence, it devastated me to know that the biggest influences that we all had, were being turned into a cheap commodity, a cheap frilly shit version of the “original”. It genuinely angered me to know that a website like @dollskill shat on their own self worth by copying other people’s designs like an angry, untalented and miserable child, in the hopes for more sales.
I don’t understand how a brand can walk back on everything they ever stood for and take a dump on themselves. Finding this out was pretty much the icing on the cake for me... whoever’s in charge of Dollskill need to sit the fuck down and really re-evaluate. Genuinely.
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