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Temple tribe with the perfect vibe and our 1-year anniversary 🔮✨ •
I couldn’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate my anniversary with @yveswouters yesterday then with a Temple celebration 🐆 •
So we met 1,5 year ago during my first Tantra Temple Party and last year during our first intense ISTA level 1 workshop he declared we were in a relationship ❤️ I didn’t see that one coming, it was a complete surprise. What a journey it has been ever since 🙈 •
I have never been this cracked open, send to the moon and crashed back on earth like this in a relationship before 🌙 It is intense relating for sure! Facing our dragons, being confronted with our biggest fears 🐉 I wouldn’t want it any differently. Deep relating is the best mirror you can ask for... Nothing stays hidden in the shadows 🐍 Everything will come up, brought to the light, to heal. To let us grow and expand. •
And that’s what happened again in the temple. So much to learn in speaking your desires, sharing from a vulnerable state, being raw, naked and open 🐲 I love that we can move in these spaces together. That we are able to walk this path together... •
Let’s go for another year 🙏

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