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happy birthday to my best friend ever!! this past year has been the best so far. we have gotten to experience becoming women together. we got the opportunity to travel to bali together, go to concerts together, have many many late nights laughing out booties off, and most importantly growing closer to each other every day which i didn’t even know was possible. i’m so lucky to have such a strong, independent, caring, beautiful lovely lady to share my whole life with!! (ps i never drove the scooter i’m just a back seat rider)


  • 9w ago cole_chavezzz cole_chavezzz

    miss u claire

  • 9w ago taylorm_f78 taylorm_f78

    Aww babies

  • 9w ago bbygcare bbygcare

    Ok I love you so much it hurts! Thank you for being my sister and allowing me to laugh hard cry harder and love endlessly. I am so blessed to have you and have shared the memories we have created together and I can’t wait for a life long more of adventures with you. Thank you for being you and thank you for being my best friend (ps thank you for picking the worst pictures of me from bali.... or actually ever I look like a fat cow) I love u tho thank u

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