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I remember asking my husband what was it that attracted him to me? He said: “you laughed so freely in the office, as if nobody was watching, it was very attractive” (we used to work together). When we tap into our joy - worry-free of who is thinking what of us ... when we are not trying to impress anyone, we are our most attractive.
The lighter I feel and the louder I laugh, I experience more love, abundance, and ease in my life.

Connecting to your true joy brings you high vibration men, and it brings a deeper level of love in your committed relationships.

It’s a must in every stage of your love journey.
So... Stop being so serious all the time.

Stop giving meaning to what he doesn't say or doesn't do.

Stop it with the heaviness.

Do things almost always feel heavy between you and your man or men in general?

Where is the fun? Where is the lightness? Where is the laughter?
Somewhere along the way, we forget how to have fun with each other. We take everything so seriously. We give meaning to every single thing that he does or doesn't do.

We analyze, overanalyzd, and we stay pissed at him for a very long time.

The part of you that knew how to play with him, tease him, pull him to the dance floor and start spinning together, and jump up and down around him... Where is she?

He misses her so much.

He thinks he is the reason that she doesn't exist anymore and he blames himself for it. And when he starts to blame himself he gets discouraged and distant more and more.

A guilty man is an unmotivated man, so don’t do that to your romantic life.
You are supposed to enjoy your relationship, not to build walls around it and feel like you're suffocating.

Play with him, dance with him, laugh with him, be light and breezy with him.

Let him fall in love with you all over again.
Make your love life fun again!

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