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  • 4d ago piercewolf piercewolf

    What are you mixing your protein shakes with?

  • 4d ago beastlifit beastlifit

    T25! how did you get introduced to this workout?

  • 4d ago achanceofchloe achanceofchloe

    @beastlifit I’m doing the 21 day fix and have always loved beach body so I thought id give it a shot before the 21 day fix starts!

  • 4d ago achanceofchloe achanceofchloe

    @piercewolf mostly unsweetened almond milk! They’re so good on their own 🙌

  • 3d ago beastlifit beastlifit

    @achanceofchloe Gotcha! Im part of a free fitness group on FB where a bunch of us are doing these workouts and keeping accountable! Would you like to join us?


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