Instagram post by Intimacy by Rose Glass

"We spend so much time seeing our own faces that we get used to them. But we always cover up our bodies with clothes! So maybe when you're home, just chill naked. Non-sexual nudity can be so great for body acceptance."
I've been thinking about this concept since Rachael, pictured here, first talked to me about it. We see our own faces reflected back at us so many times each day, whether we're looking at a mirror or just passing by a parked car. Even for those of us who aren't thrilled with our own features, we're still quite familiar with and have a certain level of comfort with them.
How many of us can say that about our own bodies? Being constantly clothed allows us to comfortably ignore and conceal parts of our body from not just others, but from ourselves as well. How often do you see the folds in your stomach, the stretch marks on your thighs? If we saw these parts of ourselves regularly, maybe we'd get familiar and comfortable with them like we do our faces. Rather than making you feel self-conscious or unattractive, maybe they would begin to just feel like part of what makes you, YOU. Every part of your body is yours, and deserves your love. I'm trying to teach myself that, too 💕

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