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Okay - not my typical post but I love being organized and everything having a place but our laundry room🤦‍♀️ it’s driving me 🍌 bananas! .
So this is for all of you design savvy, organized Mamas! I so need your help!! .
How would you fix my laundry room? On a budget and without adding lots of permanent cupboards? Is that too much to ask right now?
Fits picture is how I want the room to feel- not necessarily look.
Organized, everything in its place, bright clutter free and easy.
Second picture (I’m sorry to admit) is where we are at now.
This room is off our kitchen and serves as the laundry, cleaning storage and mud room. I’d LOVE to be able to store shoes here, some heavy items (dumbbells) and tuck it all nicely away.
Was thinking a big shelf with cubbies and maybe cupboards above? I just don’t know but I know some of you are totally AMAZING AT THIS. .
And it’s driving me crazy! So let’s here it Mamas? Where do I start?


  • 8w ago shiftbyjeni shiftbyjeni

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  • 8w ago onmywaytonamaste onmywaytonamaste

    I would love to have a laundry room that feels like that too! But I have no idea where to start either.

  • 8w ago petereily1 petereily1

    Don’t forget a little bench space Jen. I’ve found a small bench in the laundry good for treating stains, sitting a bucket on for things to soak etc and DEF some closable cupboards to hide all the cleaning products etc. A lidded timber shoe box works for us as it breaths and hides and you can sit on it to put shoes on :)

  • 8w ago patricia_from_roost patricia_from_roost

    Call me I have ideas

  • 8w ago agreatideaco agreatideaco

  • 8w ago momo_d momo_d

    Could you have a handyman/chippie knock up a ‘hutch’ type arrangement with lockable wheels that you can slide in over the top of your machines? Similar look as in the first pic, but not permanently fixed.

  • 8w ago shiftbyjeni shiftbyjeni

    @momo_d that’s not a bad idea Amanda!! Thank you!!

  • 8w ago shiftbyjeni shiftbyjeni

    @petereily1 I know, I’ve thought about a bench with storage...don’t know if we have the space though

  • 8w ago shiftbyjeni shiftbyjeni

    @theroostnapa sweet! Will do😉

  • 8w ago shiftbyjeni shiftbyjeni

    @onmywaytonamaste if I figure it out I’ll let you know!

  • 8w ago

    You will certainly want to add 1. Some storage containers that all match (having lots of other miscellaneous containers will make the space look cluttered) 2. Look at your most difficult storage item for that space - what is this? Build around this item if it’s needed in the room. 3. Think about complimentary colors that can brighten and uplift the space. Would love to have a FREE consult call to help you with this!

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