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In @BleacherReport’s latest article, they named 3 potential trades that involve moving Jimmy Butler.

In this trade, they have and being sent to Minnesota in return for .
Thoughts? 🤔
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  • 8w ago vintestanisr vintestanisr

    Hell ya...That's 2 outta 5 that can play at the level you need to play at...

  • 8w ago frankfrank9735 frankfrank9735

    No. It’s just like the melo trade. Wait till the offseason

  • 8w ago jbledsoe23 jbledsoe23

    How is that fair

  • 8w ago paige6314 paige6314

    Nah I'm good

  • 8w ago richl78 richl78

    Let’s do it

  • 8w ago ibringcups ibringcups

    No deal

  • 8w ago knickslb1 knickslb1

    I would 💯% do it. 👍

  • 8w ago jurati1 jurati1

    No deal, Ntilikina is just 20 and has not been given opportunity to show case his talent yet 🤔.

  • 8w ago anthony_grupe anthony_grupe

    I would love that deal as a knicks but to be realistic if your Dallas why would you trade a all-star caliber player like jimmy butler for average player and a unknown player like Frank? In order to do a realistic trade it’s got to be equal on both sides. Otherwise it’s phantasy talk. Dallas isn’t stupid. Hell I wish this trade would go down. But it makes no since

  • 8w ago victorghdental victorghdental


  • 8w ago raymelguzman raymelguzman

    Make the deal. As soon as its allowed. Trade for Butler and sign Kyrie Irving in free agency next summer. We have maybe 5 point guards now anyway Burke is wayyy better than Frank

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