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Fat loss isn’t easy- At All!
It is simple.
It comes down to calories.
There will be people who will tell you otherwise. They will say that it’s about eating clean or about limiting carbs or about when you eat. Or a whole host of other factors. But here’s the truth: any of those things that work actually work BECAUSE they’ve manipulated the calories so that you’re eating less than you’re burning. Every time.
Take a look at the graphic to see how calories affect your weight. Important note: these numbers are for example’s sake. They are not intended to tell you how many calories you should eat:)
The top row shows how to lose weight: eat fewer calories than your body burns.
The middle row shows how to maintain your weight: eat the same number of calories that your body burns.
The bottom row shows how to gain weight: eat more calories than your body burns.
Whether you actually count calories or not this still applies. I personally think calorie counting is beneficial because it provides knowledge that will serve you even after you’ve stopped counting calories. Once you know how many calories are in the foods you eat and what portion sizes actually look like you can use that information permanently as you eventually stop counting calories. It’s not for everybody, but it works really well!
Don’t over complicate weight loss. It’s hard enough as it is🤓 Eat fewer calories than you burn consistently, over time and you’ll lose weight! If you’re struggling to know how to do that-comment below, or DM me and I’ll help you out🙂


  • 8w ago mademoisellegreen mademoisellegreen

    @kimschlagfitness aha thank you I did not know that 😂😂

  • 8w ago coachjackk coachjackk

    Such a simple guide and description 🙏

  • 8w ago hotice416 hotice416

    Doesn't work for me

  • 8w ago kimschlagfitness kimschlagfitness

    @honeybee542 It literally works for everyone. It’s how the body functions. You just might need some guidance figuring it all out💕

  • 8w ago shabeena_01 shabeena_01

    My body burn 1300 calorie.. How much do I need to eat to loose weight

  • 8w ago syafiqahbaharam syafiqahbaharam


  • 8w ago alyssa.woods alyssa.woods


  • 8w ago jumpac jumpac

    This pic is just missing an important point: you can maintain a calories deficit, loose weight... by simply eating half the junk 🍩🍔🍟you had before. What is that good for?That’s why I would never count calories. It’s hard NOT to loose weight, if you eat what’s good for your health.

  • 8w ago kimschlagfitness kimschlagfitness

    @jumpac That is patently false. I know tons of people who switched to “eating healthy” and didn’t lose weight. One doesn’t have to count calories. But calories always count. Healthy. Not healthy. Calories are king when it comes to weight loss.

  • 8w ago jumpac jumpac

    Well, if weight loss is actually all you promote- you are right. I changed my food habits with another goal: get older/stay healthy. Never counted calories and still lost 10 kg in 4 months.

  • 8w ago kimschlagfitness kimschlagfitness

    @jumpac it’s not about me being right😀 It’s about how the body actually works. Healthy and fat loss friendly aren’t the same thing. Though they can be.

  • 8w ago tigandmotor tigandmotor

    How do I figure out how many I burn ?

  • 8w ago nabilaslittlecakery nabilaslittlecakery


  • 8w ago jumpac jumpac

    @kimschlagfitness ...though they can be...exactly what I say. Unless you’re obese and HAVE to loose weight you’re better adapting a true healthy lifestyle. Weight loss might not come as fast as if you count your calories but it’ll be a lot more sustainable

  • 8w ago fluffy_feles fluffy_feles

    It isn't that easy because how much the body burns shifts depending on many factors, and simply using online calculators can simply give innacurate results. As an example, when I was ill with anorexia I mantained a BMI of 14 (around 70 pounds for me) on 500 calories. After hospital I weighed 85 pounds and mantained on 3000 calories/daily. So it's NOT only about weight, the body burns more or less calories based on many factors which can slow down or speed up the metabolism.

  • 8w ago leonie.lchle leonie.lchle


  • 8w ago kristineblackstone kristineblackstone

    @kimschlagfitness .

  • 8w ago kimschlagfitness kimschlagfitness

    @mrs._lang @pepinilia It’s important that this page be a place of kindness and support. Body shaming of any kind, in any direction isn’t acceptable here.

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  • 8w ago carbiequeen carbiequeen

    Yes IF you don’t exercise... I’d loose weight if I only ate 1800

  • 8w ago emma_munkeboe emma_munkeboe

    follow for follow 🌸😍❤️

  • 8w ago alirobicheaux alirobicheaux

    I've got to agree here. I've tried the "healthy only" eating, thought I had it down to a science. The way I loss weight was when I got sick with bronchitis and I was eating to keep my strength and from being so weak. Sliced down my caloric intake and bam, the weight started coming off. I do believe this is correct. However, I do believe in spreading the calories out throughout the day to keep body out of starvation mode.

  • 8w ago glimmerspecsworld glimmerspecsworld

    Wow I cant get over how great your profile is😍

  • 7w ago coachhllong coachhllong

    Very simple yet so true!

  • 7w ago chantelledylan chantelledylan

    Eat healthy and workouts👌🏼

  • 7w ago anmol_s_bhatia anmol_s_bhatia

    @kimschlagfitness-i am always confused on how much calories to eat in a day bcoz how do we correctly measure that how much we are burning on a daily basis?

  • 7w ago bajwa_dec12 bajwa_dec12

    Very right....there are people who told the same thing but very much differently.... 😳🐥 tough for us if we are guided well or misguided very well😨😯😕😁😉

  • 7w ago lawtonpharmacy lawtonpharmacy

    Nice Image.

  • 7w ago 10a10since 10a10since

    Já jogou o Chinês??

  • 7w ago viktoriagentile viktoriagentile

    wtf no, 2100cal is usually the min

  • 7w ago kimschlagfitness kimschlagfitness

    @alirobicheaux Hi:) Thanks for commenting! Starvation mode is actually a myth. No need to spread the calories out. You might find that preferable b/c it helps you manage hunger. Alternatively you might prefer fewer, larger meals. It all works:)

  • 7w ago atrhkjsf atrhkjsf

    @mirakjusoff baco dio tulis

  • 7w ago mirakjusoff mirakjusoff

    @aaaaaaaaatirah wowww okayy yahh

  • 7w ago nurkoiry nurkoiry

    @ajengsofia20 tu kebutuhan kalori nya yg harus kmu makan sayank

  • 7w ago alirobicheaux alirobicheaux

    @kimschlagfitness Thank you! ❤️. Love reading your posts!

  • 7w ago yanarayvine yanarayvine

    This x's 100

  • 7w ago kamyab_8 kamyab_8

    The question is how to find your maintenance calories accurately. Not all the calculating methods work for everyone, I've actually gained some considerable weight by eating at my calculated maintenance calories!

  • 7w ago kimschlagfitness kimschlagfitness

    @kamyab_8 Hi:) Thanks for commenting. A super important thing to remember is that any calculator is an estimate. A good starting point. From there one adjusts based on results. Not losing? Reduce slightly. Gaining? Reduce even more. Losing too fast? Increase slightly.

  • 3d ago dohahazem dohahazem


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