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A quarter of a century making my life a little crazier, a little easier, a little livelier and a whole lot happier...despite the bites, the hair pulls, my dolls you painted red, your “beautiful” wannabe The Voice singing sessions..I promise to defend you from bullies 🥊 , save your fat ass from drowning when you decide to jump into a pool without your floaties 👧, smack you on the arm & kill pesky wasps & then laugh & run my ass off away from you😬, convince mom & dad to let you do things that I couldn’t when I was your age (you’re welcome) 😉, get us both grounded for the first time for ditching the school bus & getting a ride instead🤫, support you in all of your decisions (even the ones I think are stupiiiid), be a shoulder to cry on & your first phone call when you need someone to talk to even though you never do🙄, pick you up from the airport when your fiancé @1baeh falls asleep (true story)🛬, cry when you tell me not to cause I mean duhhh, it’s me😭, let you & only you called me crazy even though we all know I’m the “normal” one in the family🤪, help you save baby bunnies miss Emma believes are her toys🐰, make your juuus in the morning just the way you like it (no pulp no lemon) cause yes you’re spoiled🥤..but above all I promise to love you with all my being!! You are my “lil” sis but many countless times you’ve had to fit into the shoes of an older sister, you’ve been the biggest, the strongest, the bravest...I’ve run to you & you’ve been there for me just like I hope that you know I’ll be here for you. We don’t compete with each other, we never had to, we never will..we complete each other & I’m so blessed to have you in my life! You were the best whoops surprise gift mom & dad could give me.
For many more years of you brightening my day, bringing out the child in me, making me laugh like no one else can, annoyingly “singing” songs with your “beautiful” voice & being the little pain in my ass like every little petunia is & should be! You are invincible, unstoppable & I will always look up to you with pride for all that you are & will be. Let the one month bday celebration begin!


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