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How popular is Uprising ?

Maybe their biggest hit ever, but I know some fans hate it (I don't understand why though). It lost every duel but some of them really were close, Uprising was ahead of Madness, SBH or Starlight several times during the 24 hours of the story. But it lost eventually...
I had no idea people loved Undisclosed Desires that much btw.

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  • 8w ago pwoperbat14 pwoperbat14

    Rip uprising xD

  • 8w ago defector_dave defector_dave

    @probat14 I know xD next time I'll pick one that can actually win a couple of these

  • 8w ago jossl1bna jossl1bna

    Uprising is actually way better than Starlight, Madness, Resistance and UD.

  • 8w ago defector_dave defector_dave

    @jossl1bna it's a matter of opinion... I personally prefer it to TIRO, SBH, Starlight, UD and Psycho

  • 8w ago pwoperbat14 pwoperbat14

    @defector_dave starlight can do it, it's their biggest hit and everyone (non musers included) likes it

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