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This weekend has turned into an epic fail and I’ve eaten about 699999363628g of carb and haven’t tracked but I’m teaching myself not to feel guilty and just enjoy it - I am prepped for a healthy week ahead so I can get on with damage control tomorrow 💁🏽‍♀️ I’m overloaded on oats today, I had a small scoop of them with yoghurt and raspberries earlier (and for breakfast!) but wanted something really chocolatey and indulgent - so here we have chocolate peanut butter protein oats with a protein snickers and peanut butter 🥜 🍫 😍 #snickers #proteinsnickers #snickersprotein #proats #chocolatepeanutbutter #peanutbutteroats #fatsundays #dietstartstomorrow #alwayshungry #gains #winterbulk


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    That's the key, look at it on a 7 day count if you go over one day you've got 6 days to pull it back so you're on track 👍 that's my thinking anyway!

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    I fell off the wagon a bit this last couple of days at the start of our holiday. Have loosely tracked but kind of just eaten what I wanted so back on it today to make sure I don’t slip entirely x

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    @katestaysfit I had a galaxy after this as well! Pig out day but I enjoyed it, back on track today too xx

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    @whatamyeats2018 I think we all need a day off every so often! x

  • 8w ago whatamyeats2018 whatamyeats2018

    @amandaderzy yep, won’t have pig outs for a while now - Scott wanted to go out Saturday which is super rare, and suggested a roast. Life too short to always say no and he never fancies going out etc so it was a lovely weekend! X

  • 8w ago amandaderzy amandaderzy

    @whatamyeats2018 gosh yea, life's gotta have guilty pleasures of what's the point! X

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    fuck diet - lets bulk 😅💪💪

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