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Should people have the choice to end their lives?🤔
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  • 5d ago the_phirst_lady the_phirst_lady


  • 5d ago scarlet_002 scarlet_002

    I think so, yes.

  • 5d ago withoutlabels2 withoutlabels2

    We should all have the right to choose when to end our lives. How often are lives taken without our own choosing by the hands of another? Members of the armed forces have their lives taken. Children shot and killed in schools. Those whose lives are taken in acts of terrorism. Doctors choose to end patients lives by withdrawing medication. Insurance companies can allow people to die by denying costly medical care. Pharmaceutical companies charge too much money for medication and as a result people die because they can't afford the medication. Why is it justifiable when others choose to let us die but we are told we can't choose for ourselves when to die. Are our lives not our own?

  • 5d ago jenfullerton jenfullerton

    Yes for terminally ill people who are of sound mind to make the decision.

  • 5d ago homeofdiscussion homeofdiscussion

    Yes because a person should be able to do what they want with their own bodies

  • 5d ago debra.eddy debra.eddy


  • 5d ago kai_stolly__ kai_stolly__

    Well i kinda have mixed opinions tbh if your terminally ill you should be allowed to and also people have attempted suicide several times if they keep doing it give them a gun and see if they will pull the trigger to see if they really want to. But if your sound of mind and you literally walk up and say let me kill myself then no it shouldn't be.

  • 5d ago donaldvalluzzi donaldvalluzzi

    No, but I think prolong life support is bad too.

  • 5d ago

    It depends cause some people do have much to live for but then there not happy And it's kinda sad cause they need someone to show them happiness but if you have nothing then Idkk where I'm going with this yes should be a choice

  • 5d ago daltonpalmer88 daltonpalmer88

    I say yes, under the right circumstances.

  • 5d ago sean__person sean__person


  • 5d ago kadenstoll kadenstoll

    @kai_stolly__ bofa

  • 5d ago a.simple.favor.fanpage a.simple.favor.fanpage


  • 5d ago bethyscurls bethyscurls

    If I’m 100% honest, I’ve never been able to make my mind up on this question🤷‍♀️ so I’m open to persuasion, tell me your opinions😂

  • 5d ago pragmatic_slytherin pragmatic_slytherin

    Yes. However, legitimate concerns such as health insurance companies taking advantage of this to save money must be addressed.

  • 5d ago school.shooting.range school.shooting.range


  • 5d ago julia_the_art_wizard julia_the_art_wizard

    Yes if your old and dying or something. Otherwise what you need is therapy

  • 5d ago arguing4life arguing4life


  • 5d ago democratic_socialist13 democratic_socialist13


  • 4d ago adria_palacios adria_palacios


  • 4d ago madietoile madietoile

    Yes, it’s our body and we should have the choice. But it should be done effectively and humanely

  • 4d ago matt_r16__ matt_r16__

    If you help someone to commit suicide there is something wrong with you

  • 4d ago 21trumpsatthedisco 21trumpsatthedisco


  • 4d ago ethleslie ethleslie


  • 4d ago _phantastic_feminist_ _phantastic_feminist_

    Depends on the situation

  • 4d ago texas__federalist_ texas__federalist_


  • 4d ago mwexford mwexford


  • 4d ago mikemachine13 mikemachine13


  • 4d ago matt_hollier_ matt_hollier_

    Hell no. Why should it be?

  • 4d ago kekpatriot kekpatriot


  • 4d ago kekpatriot kekpatriot

    @kekpatriot for the old and suffering of course

  • 4d ago itlva itlva


  • 4d ago dez.iree_rallon dez.iree_rallon

    I do not think that it should be legalized

  • 4d ago dez.iree_rallon dez.iree_rallon

    I do not think that it should be legalized

  • 4d ago crazytopics76 crazytopics76


  • 4d ago crazytopics76 crazytopics76

    People should just get help before they even think of suicide

  • 4d ago


  • 3d ago xx.natasha_01 xx.natasha_01

    Only if they are in pain or have a valid reason

  • 3d ago xx.natasha_01 xx.natasha_01

    Only if they are in pain or have a valid reason


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