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Finally saw Lauren Hill perform songs from her Miseducation album.. it was my 1st time seeing her live and I've gotta say she is without a doubt one of the most talented and soulful artists to ever have graced this planet!! From her set opener to when she walked off stage my jaw was dropped. Star struck. Completely mesmerized by her beauty, swagger, confidence, and commanding stage presence. My seats were so close to the stage it felt like I made eye contact with her on a number of occasions. Wow.. what a true blessing and unforgettable experience. If you ever get a chance to see her perform live DO IT!! PS.. she was on time!! #laurenhill #miseducationoflaurynhill #lostones #tozion #whenithurtssobad #realmusic #soulmusic #kentshowarecenter #realhiphop #bestfemalerapperofalltime


  • 12w ago milorose milorose

    Nice! Saw her a couple of yrs ago and she was not on time and the arrangements of all her songs were diff and the crowd was like wtf!

  • 12w ago the_real_radub the_real_radub

    @milorose daaaamn.. that's rough to witness and feel all the awkward energy. I've heard stories of her showing up super late and was hoping none of that would be the case last night. I got really lucky with this one.. Shabazz Palaces and then De La Soul opened up for her.. De La was ridiculously on point!! The sound system was dope, her band was tight, back up singers, the whole 9. I just wish it would've/could've lasted longer it was so dope. I hope you get a chance to see her in the near future and redeem that 1st bad experience 🤙🏼😎

  • 12w ago milorose milorose

    @the_real_radub that’s awesome! And De La! And don’t get me wrong because the show was still doubt she can only be so bad even on an off night LOL

  • 12w ago milorose milorose

    @milorose dope not dought

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