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Recorded Songs was released one year ago (yesterday) 15/9/2017
Happy Birthday little fella
Scott about the EP: "These three songs seemed to exist happily next to one another, so it made sense to place them on an EP instead of wedging them into an album on which they didn’t fit. These are not B-sides or ‘bonus tracks’. These are songs that still fill us with the same feelings that our albums can, and we’re happy that they now have a place to live."
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  • 8w ago port.owl port.owl

    Love it, as always! ❤️😘

  • 8w ago rachelann1966 rachelann1966

    I love these songs so much- it’s so true that they exist in their own space!💙💙💙

  • 8w ago yum_orphans yum_orphans

    This might’ve been my favorite release of theirs. Would have loved to see where they were headed. Bittersweet.

  • 8w ago lithophyte lithophyte


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