Instagram post by @practicebalance Dawn Baker MD, MS

This happened right in front of us yesterday. Needless to say, we pulled over and I went to her aid. She was still talking, and a broken leg was the only outward injury. I’m gonna put on that doctor hat and say a few things:
1) If you ride, WEAR A HELMET! It was a relatively slow speed crash; I’d hate to see what it would’ve been if they were going > 40 mph! She flew, and her helmet saved her head.
2) This footage was taken with our dashcam. I was annoyed when my husband wanted to buy this thing, but it really came in handy here. We emailed the file to the police officer on the scene, boom.
3) Don’t ever be afraid to stop and help people (especially if you have medical experience)! Many people helped and made phone calls and even directed traffic. I immediately announced that I was a physician, but after a very quick assessment it was clear that we just needed to wait for an ambulance. But I and another nurse kept talking to her to make sure we understood her level of consciousness. .
Be safe out there!! #alwayswearahelmet #drivesafely #ridesafely #goodsamaritan #dashcamftw #yidashcam


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