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Move into the precincts of faith when you are faced with the need to learn a spiritually oriented lesson, for usually such lessons come to you in darkness and in difficulty. There is the temptation at those times to move back into the relative safety of the intellect, where there is no paradox or mystery, but only a linear progression of things learned and things understood.
But if there is the wish to progress spiritually, cling to the consciousness that offers you the faculty of faith. For if you know that all is well, and that the divine plan for your incarnation is working perfectly, you can then take even the harshest circumstance and ask it for the gifts that it brings. You can cooperate with the shape of it, moving into it and towards it rather than away from it or around it. And in that cooperation, transformation occurs and the dark night of the soul yields to a glorious dawn, the sunrise of new peace, new power, new surety.
And if you are one who wishes to offer the gifts of consciousness to others, it depends not on the speeches. Rather, live that which you wish to teach and in your inarticulate being, bursting with love, there is that which shall speak to those whom you wish to aid. Do not be seduced by the cleverness of the intellect, because you shall never talk someone into the Kingdom of Heaven. Be consciousness, share consciousness, let silence grow with your relationship as it will. And trust that that which is within you, which is moving through you from the Creator, shall touch and teach in ways that are too deep for words but are ever so much more powerful.
-Q’uo -The Law Of One

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(Dated:2008 Dec 27)
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