Instagram post by @_.horrorbabe._ Rebecca Marie

just a psa to all of you creepy lovelies, to not to give a shit about what people say and think about you. you do not live to appease others. wear what you want. get a tattoo. dye your hair. do what makes you happy (as long as it doesn’t physically hurt anyone else). if you do sfx, you know the comments you get— but hey. if it’s gross and they don’t like it, you did a good job!! if people like it, then cool! for anyone who didn’t know, i have freckles that turn up in the summer. recently, i put henna on my face to enhance them, and i think they’re fucking awesome. ive made several posts about them on separate accounts and platforms. WELL. ive gotten some comments, and certain people saying things to me, thinking that they are so high up in my rank of importance, that they have say in what i do with my appearance. no. nonono. you do not have to deal with that. it’s toxic. and only YOU have say💖 sorry for the long post, but i luv u guys endlessly💖 you are beautiful and you are worthy. if you need someone to talk to, feel free to dm me. i also have an account dedicated to mental illness and support, if needed. lemme know, guys😚💖💖


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