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Sunday Swim - wetsuit open water continuous swim. Got 5 loops in even after having a loop two collision and got clocked pretty good. Did a little treading to catch my breath and cough up some of the water I took in as a result. But you should have seen her, I mean the other guy. ;) recovered well and finished the remaining three loops without any other mishaps. Two weeks for the Kerrville Triathlon half distance. Feeling much better about my ability to complete the distance.
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  • 8w ago debicost debicost

    Wow.. I fear that at Barton. Im glad youre ok 👊 💗

  • 8w ago rrl125 rrl125

    @debicost and that is because I was sighting. She came out of nowhere or I swim faster than I think! 😉 🤣

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