Instagram post by @slaykingjacob Lara | He Liked 5x🥰

He make me smile everyday through his story 💌
The last days was very hard for me ( fake best friends which i know 13 years , bullying, annoying comments , losts etc..)
( I maybe explain tomorrow , i don’t have the power for it today)
But this boy ( user @jacobsartorius ) just always make a story with smiling and sweet messages 💌
Jacob is just a living legend.
He has and he always will have my freakin whole heart ❤️ He is my whole happiness.
Through him I have a sense to live 💌
So like I said I will tomorrow post a video or text where i explain my whole situation ( I don’t want to have attention I just need to let it out)
So pls don’t hate because this would really hurt me and remember we are a family 🌈❤️
#sartorians #jacobedits #jacobsartoriusedit #jacobsartoriusedits #jacobsartorius

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