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The boss on @Conor_Hourihane's equaliser 🗣
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  • 17w ago tylerwright91 tylerwright91

    @cj_palmer17 this is Bruce’s 3rd season mate

  • 17w ago ericwascharles ericwascharles

    Managerial shambles yesterday didn’t threaten the goal once in 70 minutes. Subs came too way too late we only looked like it for 20 mins

  • 17w ago adam___thornton adam___thornton

    @steveburtonn who would sign him when he is playing this badly

  • 17w ago adam___thornton adam___thornton

    @grantings78 so you are telling me we can’t moan while we are playing shit, still playing the wrong players and relying on late goals?

  • 17w ago connor_palmer19 connor_palmer19

    @tylerwright91 he's managed us since January of 2016 mate, that's a bit less than 2 years

  • 17w ago connor_palmer19 connor_palmer19

    @cj_palmer17 October sorry not jan

  • 17w ago tylerwright91 tylerwright91

    @cj_palmer17 but this season is his 3rd season at the club my point being if you can’t have a foundation in place by now and no chemistry and keep saying that the team is not good enough yet he signed most of them!!

  • 17w ago connor_palmer19 connor_palmer19

    @tylerwright91 he didn't have the money to keep players and about 6 or 7 left, then the new owners took over, give him until October and the team will be solid, if not then he gets sacked

  • 17w ago rkbo55 rkbo55

    We are definitely improving 10000000℅ any one who has sat and watched this season can see that. We play at times that sexy style of football that all football fans are screaming out to see! We've finally bought in a few budding superstars apose to tryed and tested champion ship players/prem vet's a CB is what we really need or we need axel to turn it up with he will definitely do hopefully this year #westillinit #neverhappy

  • 17w ago mitchhagan mitchhagan

    Next game boys UTV ! 🦁

  • 17w ago j._.180 j._.180

    @rkbo55 that’s not the point look at our team it’s just my opinion we have the best team in the championship and we can’t beat blackburn the style of football is wrong and so is the team selection

  • 17w ago deewakeman deewakeman

    I think we have been patient long enough! Many of the players looked liked they didn't want to play. So, don't play them, play some of players who do want to play , and play with pride!😢

  • 17w ago tylerwright91 tylerwright91

    @cj_palmer17 I hope your right mate, either way the football we are playing is poor I still think dean smith would be a better alternative but hey we will just wait and see

  • 17w ago connor_palmer19 connor_palmer19

    @tylerwright91 I don't know if he'll join though, I know he's a villa fan but he's doing well at Brentford

  • 17w ago christophermathewhardy christophermathewhardy

    4-4-2 with The King and Abraham up front....

  • 17w ago harnig harnig

    piss off spud

  • 17w ago timtim_media timtim_media

    Ya but why isn’t Hourihane starting?!. Easily our best midfielder all of last season!. Was always going to be a tough test against a Blackburn side playing well and away from home.

  • 17w ago grantings78 grantings78

    @bigupadam become a manager then if you know it all

  • 17w ago damianbrown damianbrown

    🦕 🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕🦕

  • 17w ago _instatay_ _instatay_

    Literally begged that we kept Bruce and didn’t bring in Henry. How much I regret that now, words can’t describe!! Steve Bruce please leave our club now you have no clue

  • 17w ago _instatay_ _instatay_

    Literally begged that we kept Bruce and didn’t bring in Henry. How much I regret that now, words can’t describe!! Steve Bruce please leave our club now you have no clue

  • 17w ago o.l.d.a.c_c._.o_u.n_t o.l.d.a.c_c._.o_u.n_t

    @bigupadam noone played out of position yesterday and also its not bruces fault the players r playing shit

  • 17w ago jamescourten jamescourten

    6 points with 2 clean sheets and 2 performances to match is the only acceptable outcome from the coming week 🦁

  • 17w ago craggers12 craggers12

    Start @conor_hourihane . Hes is the key to the midfield along with @jackgrealish and @johnmcginn7 also brucey has fucked up with the CB. He is on borrowes time

  • 17w ago adam___thornton adam___thornton

    @dom.avfc ever heard of Elmohamody?

  • 17w ago jazzystizzle jazzystizzle

    @westhamonline jog on you cockney melt

  • 17w ago o.l.d.a.c_c._.o_u.n_t o.l.d.a.c_c._.o_u.n_t

    @bigupadam nah mate, ive heard of Elmohamady who is a RB/RM

  • 17w ago adam___thornton adam___thornton

    @dom.avfc no he isn’t 😂😂

  • 17w ago grantings78 grantings78

    @dom.avfc he’ll probs moan Hutton played rb and not lb and mile played cm and not cb .......

  • 17w ago grantings78 grantings78

    @bigupadam check the internet, he actually is!!! You should become a manager, you really should. You know it all. Go on lad!!!!!

  • 17w ago grantings78 grantings78

    @westhamonline well said

  • 17w ago coolacloyaidan coolacloyaidan

    Please for the love of God just get rid of this piece of shit.

  • 17w ago coolacloyaidan coolacloyaidan

    @avgillyocr seriously Garde was the most screwed manager in our time

  • 17w ago thomasdavidel thomasdavidel

    Bruce is massively under achieving at this level, he's gathered another expensive squad and doesn't have a clue how to get them firing. Patience has run out watching his awful football. #BruceOut

  • 17w ago damonb45 damonb45

    Who is this clown kidding

  • 17w ago fribergsteve fribergsteve

    Bruce said he's "Building a team like last year that nearly got us promoted " what a cock no system, no patience ran out at Wembley

  • 17w ago shaunryan88 shaunryan88

    @freddie__ 😂

  • 17w ago ryancevans1984 ryancevans1984

    Times running out brucie

  • 17w ago dan_fenwick dan_fenwick

    Time running out bruce. We need results and FAST!! We have a great squad and its not being used/suited to their ability. COME ON VILLA!! UTV!! SOTC!! VTID!! lets kick start our season starting tonight

  • 17w ago steveburtonn steveburtonn

    @bigupadam fair point but at the same time a good player needs a good team around him to help him shine otherwise... I mean look at messi in the World Cup we need to stop signing mediocre players we’re a big enough club to get the talent we need

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