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How do you make a good knife from a railroad spike? Put it in a crucible melt, of course!
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  • 9w ago peterburtknives peterburtknives

    If I do this again I need to fold the spikes in 1/2 so they fit better in the crucible. 25 minutes into the melt all the ends are protruding above the slag...I guess it is good I added some extra carbon to this melt to offset losses to oxidation!

  • 9w ago bright_wilson bright_wilson

    Would love a video of the process!

  • 9w ago jmpopaleetus jmpopaleetus

    I thought you taught us railroad spike knives were overrated 😜.

  • 9w ago peterburtknives peterburtknives

    @bright_wilson I’ll get some video tomorrow once I have it out of the crucible.

  • 9w ago peterburtknives peterburtknives

    @jmpopaleetus They are!...unless you make them into something worthwhile. I can’t turn lead into gold, but I can turn rusty railroad spikes into good steel!

  • 9w ago connor_j._myersnorton connor_j._myersnorton

    Be sure to account for the copper in the spikes

  • 9w ago roosterheadknives roosterheadknives

    Love this! 👍🏻🔪

  • 1d ago strong_boss strong_boss


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