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This man has ran his socks off today 🏃‍♂️
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  • 8w ago jstevo84 jstevo84

    Why leave kodjia, hourihane, bolasie on the bench. Looked much more of a threat wen they came on. Understand maybe bolasie but a full kodjia and a fit hourihane have got to start

  • 8w ago simonjamesmills simonjamesmills

    Bruce needs to go now

  • 8w ago rooster_ob rooster_ob

    Should of signed Dwight gale on loan instead of Abraham. Makes no sense sighing a similar player to kodjia

  • 8w ago citizen_smif citizen_smif

    Send Bruce back to the bluenoses!!

  • 8w ago mrjamescos mrjamescos

    That's what all our lonely strikers do chasing countless long balls...and next

  • 8w ago roberton__98 roberton__98

    That's good then... he worked hard which means we get promoted

  • 8w ago nathankinsey80 nathankinsey80

    @jack__horton__ behave yourself! If you think that’s playing well, you are are set to be disappointed in May if we play like that! Get a grip please😂

  • 8w ago 1adamod 1adamod

    Bruce out? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we were robbed of a penalty, so we would have won. No sense at all..

  • 8w ago nathankinsey80 nathankinsey80

    Tammy Abraham thrives off having a partner in attack with him! Bringing kodjia on left wing is a joke and relying on him to defend is ridiculous..

  • 8w ago nathankinsey80 nathankinsey80

    @dom.avfc who else do you put it on you prize donkey???🙄

  • 8w ago nathankinsey80 nathankinsey80

    @jack__horton__ improvement on what?? It’s been average football throughout since start of season..sorry you are completely deluded

  • 8w ago dutkiewiczgareth dutkiewiczgareth

    @real_fitness_story shit like blackburn,the rovers played class ffs

  • 8w ago jimmyvillafan1 jimmyvillafan1

    Bruce is fucking shit. Tammy tho goals will come

  • 8w ago nollie_crumpet nollie_crumpet


  • 8w ago real_fitness_story real_fitness_story

    @dutkiewiczgareth apologies for that, just meant to say, Villa should be beating teams like Blackburn. They are shit though!!! Loool

  • 8w ago georgejeavons86 georgejeavons86

    Better but the subs we brought on should have been in the starting line up no good putting out a defensive team and then bringing on the players who u know will score

  • 8w ago bruce__harrison bruce__harrison

    @johnterry.26 for player/manager?!

  • 8w ago dom.avfc dom.avfc

    @nathankinsey80 the players.. are you dumb

  • 8w ago barksie81 barksie81

    Funny that when Bruce put 2 up top he more dangerous.........

  • 8w ago nathankinsey80 nathankinsey80

    @dom.avfc do players play themselves out of position week in week out? Do players pick the team? Tuanzebe is a talented centre half..but you dont sign him as a centre half and play him right back every week! Abraham thrived at Bristol playing with a partner up front, instead Bruce plays him on his own! Hogan at Brentford was a feared striker! Under Bruce he can’t get a game! Do you let a centre half go out on loan if you haven’t got a replacement? I suppose players make all these decisions do they??? Fact is if players don’t want to play for a manager they’ve lost faith in there lies the problem.

  • 8w ago benharvey96 benharvey96

    Why oh why?

  • 8w ago w.d.2.5 w.d.2.5

    Bruce out we've drew to lots of shot teams like Ipswich Blackburn and reading not mentioning the raping we got geo by Brentford if we're gonna go up we need to take a risk and bring a manger who isn't negative plays players in right positions and gets the job done. Steve Bruce is turning this football club into a joke lots of people are like five him time he's he's 2 fucking years you retards it's the same fuckin disappointment every year. in the summer when we don't go up all the good players like grealish are gonna fuck off and I don't blame them as they don't want to go down with this football club and there careers.

  • 8w ago avfcnewspage avfcnewspage

    @james.rigbyy bolasie wasn't fit enough to start

  • 8w ago that_lad_wayne that_lad_wayne

    Solid earlier @tammyabraham1

  • 8w ago willhad3 willhad3

    @ben_turner_019 we should be winning at Blackburn. That “it’s better than losing” mentality is why we’re a mid-table championship team.

  • 8w ago vinu.patel vinu.patel

    We do need a couple of back to back wins. Early days and we are only five points off the lead and its a long season. Up the Villa 💪🏽 💪🏽 💪🏽 💪🏽

  • 8w ago active_jc804202 active_jc804202

    @real_fitness_story look at the stats you dumb twat they haven’t lost in almost a year at home before we played them so it was always gonna be a hard game and was you watching the same game I watched in my option one of our better performances this season and you wouldn’t be saying shit if we had got the penalty that we deserved

  • 8w ago domhiggs domhiggs

    This is not just fickle Villa fans .. TalkSport Radio was laying in to Villa and Steve Bruce#Clueless No direction, no style this is what they were saying about the team 😱 #utv

  • 8w ago matt_s_ matt_s_

    Well wor can’t ask much more than that can I. Wor don’t do tactics so hopefully putting wor boots on and rolling wor socks up will get us there or thereabouts. That’s the Championchipshop!

  • 8w ago millo_58 millo_58

    The new signings just need time to settle in its to early in the season yet to criticize we have only lost one after all and only 5 points behind the leaders

  • 8w ago bingsteruk bingsteruk

    Albert carnt cross a ball nor can elhamady grealish done bugger all blame them not Bruce I thought jedinak had a good game utv

  • 8w ago dom.avfc dom.avfc

    @willhad3 4th isnt mid table.

  • 8w ago willhad3 willhad3

    @dom.avfc No, but 12th is.

  • 8w ago cliffyc57 cliffyc57

    Much prefer taunzebe at centre half and Hutton at full back. More solid all over and Tammy looked dangerous in the second half. 3 points needed against Rotherham and a few goals.

  • 8w ago damonb45 damonb45

    Under Bruce that means he's dropped next week

  • 8w ago andywieslaw andywieslaw

    @dom.avfc all season.

  • 8w ago jonnygossa jonnygossa

    442 him kodja tell Bruce to sort it out or he’s gone

  • 8w ago dom.avfc dom.avfc

    @andywieslaw your calling jack shit ?

  • 8w ago andywieslaw andywieslaw

    @dom.avfc he has been a shadow of last season this season. Of course in not saying he's shit. But hes not put in a real performance yet.

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