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As I wrap up a 60+ hour week at work right now I have to reflect... I know I'm a good person, but I'm a horrible friend. I just work and sleep. Last three years... We're still planning on making it out to Rencon but I might need a small rest break once I get home.


  • 18w ago team.robyn team.robyn

    I’m sure your friends would say you’re busy rather than horrible. True friends cheer you on while you hustle. But I get it. I hope you take and enjoy a rest break when you can. 😻

  • 18w ago bleusage bleusage

    Nate,we love you.We admire your work.Dont neglect YOU because your working on new cosplay.That is not healthy.Take as much time as you need.We will all be here.If I have to drive from Puyallup to hug you I will!

  • 18w ago westsidenavajo westsidenavajo

    Same, I have no answer, but I understand fully.

  • 18w ago mrs.baldwin18 mrs.baldwin18

    Don’t apologize for needing to take care of yourself. True friends will understand and want what’s best for you!!

  • 18w ago javalotta javalotta

    Awww, no worries! Have a nice break, rest and enjoy. Your cats are adorable!

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