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@JackGrealish shrugging off defenders early doors 💪
#PartOfThePride #AVFC


  • 9w ago james.r01 james.r01

    we’re playing utter shite

  • 9w ago rl_15avfc rl_15avfc

    @james.rigbyy true

  • 9w ago glennlundstrom glennlundstrom

    Zzz we’re useless

  • 9w ago project_cassa project_cassa

    Villa unwatchable. Bruce OUT.

  • 9w ago dave_w85 dave_w85

    We’re gonna lose this game. I can see it coming

  • 9w ago georgejeavons86 georgejeavons86

    Too defensive why is there a rb on the wing when we have signed good wingers ??

  • 9w ago mikstercarlsen mikstercarlsen

    We don't control any game. Blackburn are doing well. Rather play with a one legged Bolasie than Elmo on RM

  • 9w ago f.dxnnelly f.dxnnelly

    This is so shit. Punting long balls up to abraham🙄

  • 9w ago dom.avfc dom.avfc

    this is fucking embarrasing

  • 9w ago f.dxnnelly f.dxnnelly


  • 9w ago dom.avfc dom.avfc

    @georgejeavons86 bruce...

  • 9w ago dom.avfc dom.avfc


  • 9w ago ed9mwt ed9mwt

    This is painful to watch.

  • 9w ago charliejohns82 charliejohns82

    A squad of talented football players playing route one football... brilliant...

  • 9w ago hamza.khan03 hamza.khan03

    Should of been a penalty wtf

  • 9w ago jakenewtonn24 jakenewtonn24

    Need Bolasie on two upfront and the defence need to pull their finger out

  • 9w ago andymsanford andymsanford

    We look fucking shite not a clue going forward no passion or commitment embarrassing. Just pay JT the money at least he will short the slackers out and get the team spirt back course it aint there at the moment.

  • 9w ago alobyrne1 alobyrne1

    Awful football

  • 9w ago manjarlee manjarlee

    Crossing from both flanks have been poor. Jedinak is so immobile!

  • 9w ago mikstercarlsen mikstercarlsen

    Soo frustrated to watch Hutton and Elmo doing exactly the same. Do we need 2 right backs against Blackburn 😳 Jedi looks like me trying to catch the bus.. Slow and fat

  • 9w ago rbth_81 rbth_81

    @georgejeavons86 yeah, el ghazi on the bench wtf

  • 9w ago dom.avfc dom.avfc

    what a boring game how is the commentator saying we look good

  • 9w ago glennlundstrom glennlundstrom

    Elmohamady is so trashy traassh

  • 9w ago _teresat_ _teresat_

    Need a better second half. Blackburn dominated the first half.. c'mon villa⚽

  • 9w ago rivmicteamwavey rivmicteamwavey

    Please go two up front! @jimydanger

  • 9w ago sophiexmcev sophiexmcev

    As always❤️

  • 9w ago _.abbiex._ _.abbiex._

    Ahhhh😍😍 @jackgrealish

  • 9w ago harv_avfc harv_avfc

    We losing SACK THE MANAGER

  • 9w ago ollyshep ollyshep

    Bruce out. Elmohamady RW when you got two good wingers on the bench. Same old defensive mentality.

  • 9w ago baklava_murder_game baklava_murder_game

    BRUCEOUT! Yawn football, no idea!

  • 9w ago _andyconnor _andyconnor

    Bruce out

  • 9w ago avfc.1982 avfc.1982

    Bruce out

  • 9w ago joegre.en joegre.en

    We easily have the best players in the league but we are not a team we can’t win as long as Bruce keeps playing players out of position and dropping better players to keep Elmo in the team just because they suck each other’s cocks we need to sack Bruce and drop Elmo if we bring a decent manger who knows what they are doing we will walk the league

  • 9w ago jduggan819 jduggan819

    Fucl off bruce there was only hutton and jedinak that played well shambles the lot of ya

  • 9w ago laura.pinky laura.pinky

    Good one jack 👌❤️

  • 9w ago alexanderglennmorgan alexanderglennmorgan

    Absolute joke. New owners same bullshit

  • 9w ago berry3744 berry3744

    Bruce has to go if we want to go up ... hurts me to say it !!

  • 9w ago ben_cain18 ben_cain18

    Who even runs this account Stevie wonder or Steve Bruce himself?

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