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Ready to make an impact 💥
#PartOfThePride #AVFC


  • 18w ago abutch83carp abutch83carp

    Shame he has 2 wingers who can cross to supply him

  • 18w ago o.l.d.a.c_c._.o_u.n_t o.l.d.a.c_c._.o_u.n_t

    @abutch83carp elmo can cross

  • 18w ago tammyabrahameveryday_ tammyabrahameveryday_

    I post the same picture of Tammy Abraham everyday and I change the picture when he scores

  • 18w ago pedro_the_villan pedro_the_villan

    Needs help up front! ⚽️⚽️UTV

  • 18w ago baklava_murder_game baklava_murder_game

    Hi didn’t though! Why? Bruce......BRUCEOUT!

  • 18w ago officialscraze1 officialscraze1

    Sod rumours don't believe everything you hear. .New single sod rumours is out now on youtube links in bio check it out and tell us what you think of it.!.🔥💯

  • 18w ago joegre.en joegre.en

    Needs decent service not elmohamady being shit and only staying on because Bruce loves him

  • 18w ago paullovesbeer paullovesbeer

    Not with shitty Bruce in charge

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