Instagram post by @debbie_mary_73 Mia-Jane & Maisy

Got to keep #GoMaisy little turkey legs warm. She loves her @samsonsocks #samsonsocks for #CrossCountry and #Mountainrunning. I wonder what choice she will make for the #NWJMRC next week 🤔


  • 13w ago deboraheb2506 deboraheb2506

    Are these compression socks? Should I get Chloe some for the x country season?

  • 13w ago debbie_mary_73 debbie_mary_73

    @deborahbeb999 no they are just sport socks Maisy loves to wear to stand out 😊 some of the other girls wear compression socks black usually to go with the kit. Mia had from More Mile, pick them up on eBay for about £5 xx

  • 13w ago deboraheb2506 deboraheb2506

    I think they are really cool, good choice Maisy! Thanks x

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