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Handstand Lab today 11am, Niskayuna, NY @poweryoganewyork

What is some thing(s) that you can change immediately to improve upon your handstand without adding any new skills or information?

Two immediate adjustments: 1. To approach practice with Curiosity instead of predisposed idea of how the practice should go. Even when I notice I am holding onto a predisposed idea can I become curious about what I am holding onto and how it influences my practice? 2. To approach the practice with patience instead of.... well impatience. Often I associate patience with having to wait and wait and be disappointed over and over but the patience I’m talking about is like Rocky going 15 rounds with the Russian. There’s nothing dull about it. It’s your best for as long as it takes. As many punches as it takes to find your way in. And then replicate it. Do it again and again. Impatience is looking for one lucky shot because you’re tired of waiting. Impatience is being bored with the process. Impatience is giving up. Never starting. This is my own little jail cell. Confined by my own expectations and judgements.

By the way, are you coming?

Photo by the wifey @camacha_rees


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