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Well Em responded... what y’all think? @eminem vs. @machinegunkelly


  • 26w ago ihavecarsforsale_jay_ ihavecarsforsale_jay_

    MGK diss record was better but people always give Em the benefit of the doubt so most are going to say Em won...

  • 26w ago lil_juice223 lil_juice223

    TBH mgks diss was better

  • 26w ago 2pots1stov 2pots1stov

    Lyrically em smoked him. MGK song had a better beat.

  • 26w ago strapp3d_up_shawwwty strapp3d_up_shawwwty

    MGK just had a colder beat and was a little more energized but lyrically Em Won 4sho...Cal been telling these niggaz a difference between metaphors and real rap 😩🙌🏾

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  • 26w ago d1ent93 d1ent93

    Here’s the reality mgk talked about pulling a gun on Eminem and a bunch a shit he’s not about and would never do. Eminem said straight facts. That’s the difference

  • 26w ago richroadmusic richroadmusic

    To long

  • 26w ago kush_giovanni kush_giovanni

    He’s still alive 💀

  • 26w ago qordell_ qordell_

    He trynna get diddy indicted

  • 26w ago shepherd.davis shepherd.davis


  • 26w ago ckrazyckarter ckrazyckarter

    Mgk’s was still better man. Em’s was clever but Kelly had the hunger in his track

  • 26w ago familythangent familythangent


  • 26w ago familythangent familythangent


  • 26w ago meechicewood meechicewood

    Wasn't all that

  • 26w ago bikelife_b bikelife_b

    Eminem’s was way better. MGK used autotune. Instant garbage.

  • 26w ago detroit_v_i_p detroit_v_i_p

    @ihavecarsforsale_jay_ Em responded to everything he said straight through no hook. MGK was good but he had a hook wack hook

  • 26w ago outcoldfella outcoldfella

    Mannn we all kno that Eminem is tha "Assassinnator of Rap" like he said b4 "You Only get One Shot do not miss ur chance to blow" now MGK i aint go lie he went in on tha "Rap Devil" diss and Em clap bak on him destroyed him now we go see if MGK can reload tha clip n fire bak.

  • 25w ago detroitlovegoods detroitlovegoods

    @detroit_v_i_p not wack at all... if you’re gonna take the time to put out a track take the time to drop a hook. I fancy a catchy hook always.

  • 24w ago babyfacemar_ babyfacemar_


  • 22w ago rudedoggcastro53 rudedoggcastro53

    @ihavecarsforsale_jay_ EM WON HANDS DOWN!! HOMITO THAT VATO MSG JUST A WANNA BE EM THATS ALL HE IS AND A BONE THUGS NUT RIDER! my man wake up lunchbreak over go sell a car or two get your mind right....smoke a Joint/blunt

  • 22w ago ihavecarsforsale_jay_ ihavecarsforsale_jay_

    @rudedoggcastro53 lmao... 😂🤣😭 I think you are the only person still talking about this... good luck to you sir... ✌🏽

  • 21w ago purgnasty purgnasty

    @ckrazyckarter absolutely not. Mgk had a hook 😂 AND had disses already written from years ago. Eminem still did better lyrically and not only addressed everything MGK said, but shot back a diss of his own that was absolutely on TARGET.

  • 21w ago purgnasty purgnasty

    Eminem absolutely slaughtered him with a very versatile flow and fatal punch lines. You can tell MGK had disses ready for Eminem for years which honestly is all you could do for somebody like Eminem. Too bad MGK had no more gas in the tank. That’s fasho.

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