Instagram post by @tessaarmstrong8 Tessa Rayanne

I’m so proud of this little lady. She has always been the baby of the family even though she’s a middle child. She is cuddly, a lover, wants to be held, hugged and kissed at all times. She wants to be near mommy and daddy and doesn’t wonder. She’s sensitive & protective. She’s also got a fiery side but her sweet side rules. She’s our princess and a girly girl. To say I’m proud is an understatement. The past month has had some big changes for her. She gave up her binky without tears, went to preschool (the first time away from us) without tears, and went to her first dentist visit today without tears. For a little person those are big things and I’m just full of joy for this sweet girl. I love you little LuLu girl. You are our whole world 🌸✨ #LaylaSienna #thisis3 #forthememorybook


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