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Another perfectly balanced Bill Evans Trio album. Incredible music. This is a UK Mono 1st pressing and sounds great. The yellow in the header appears paler than the US version and subsequent represses - anyone else noticed this? #billevanstrio #howmyheartsings #billevans #chuckisraels #paulmotian #riversiderecords #jazzmusic #jazzrecords #vinyl #nowspinning


  • 9w ago lion_and_wolff lion_and_wolff

    Beautiful record! I have the Dutch first press and it sounds fantastic. The yellow on the cover is not as pale as yours though.

  • 9w ago vein_melter vein_melter

    @lion_and_wolff totally- it’s just pure joy from beginning to end. I’m wondering if the pale yellow is something specific to the UK pressing, or just my copy...

  • 9w ago

    I have a lot of Bill, but I'll have to check this one out.

  • 9w ago vein_melter vein_melter I’d definitely recommend - it’s a selection of the more uptempo cuts from the session that produced Moonbeams

  • 9w ago

    @vein_melter 👏🏼👏🏼

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