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Me leisurely Walking on the crowded streets of #hongkong with colorful life and people , you can only see this kind of life in the old small streets of Hong Kong , you can smell the food, and shop for cloths and all kinds of vegetables, meat, and Chinese traditional ingredients, so many things, I love this streets, smell real burning life, beautiful...
Cookie: the struggle you are in today is for the strength that you need for tomorrow, all things are meaningful, enjoy the steps ... with love from Hong Kong 🇭🇰 ❤️❤️
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  • 12w ago mike.ambrosio71 mike.ambrosio71

    Put those ciggeretts down. You can't be kissing up on me with ciggy breath.

  • 12w ago jeremywilliams0611 jeremywilliams0611

    Beautiful Hong Kong. You look so beautiful and so at home there. Xxxxxxxxx

  • 12w ago brianmellomusic_yogi brianmellomusic_yogi

    You look stunning! 😍 Hong Kong is bustling! Have fun!

  • 12w ago sean_wa2_451 sean_wa2_451

    Looks like a fascinating place. Nice to see a bounce in your step as you walk. I smoke cigs too.

  • 12w ago enocht enocht

    almost didn't recognized you! You could've been in a movie. Nice..

  • 12w ago ronthomas4 ronthomas4

    No smoking

  • 12w ago ptkb10 ptkb10

    Great fun city👍👍

  • 12w ago bowinther bowinther

    Look very casual and relaxed ❤️

  • 12w ago lyuska_lucy lyuska_lucy

    You prostitution?

  • 12w ago rosalinama_official rosalinama_official

    i love your outfit!😍

  • 12w ago johnbook_ johnbook_

    Not happy about that somking 😪

  • 12w ago resnic123 resnic123

    I love Hong Kong 💕

  • 12w ago kevingitz kevingitz


  • 12w ago curlz36 curlz36

    Hi love!!

  • 12w ago bodhi714_ bodhi714_

    I love Hong Kong and the bird district

  • 12w ago jasonore jasonore

    Awww I hope you are not actually smoking.😓

  • 12w ago jcpid01488 jcpid01488

    Hope to one day to visit Hong Kong.. Want to be my Tour Guide, would make the trip Perfect.. Great Cookie too and so true

  • 12w ago lonboy69 lonboy69


  • 12w ago j0rsak j0rsak

    #walkwithlocals #classywoman #cool😎 #thebounceinyourstep💘#loveu ❤️#asiandoll 🔥Bai always my number one!😍🔥🔥🌟🌟🌹🌹💘💘❤️❤️😘

  • 12w ago beer.harry beer.harry


  • 12w ago dreaming___1 dreaming___1

    I just love a woman with a cigar, maybe I love you 💓❤️😘😍🤩

  • 12w ago kenstole kenstole

    So beautiful out there. I want to move to Hong Kong already!!😍😍

  • 12w ago seanxxeire seanxxeire

    That’s how its done 👩🏻‍🎓🚬😎

  • 12w ago ronlarealtor ronlarealtor

    👎🏻 smoking 😳

  • 12w ago carguy619 carguy619

    Its Hollywood. With CGI background and actors. What role/movie is this?😁

  • 12w ago manfred2709 manfred2709

    Enjoy your day 🌞😊❤️🌷💋😎❤️🌻😊

  • 12w ago jamaalw27 jamaalw27

    @iambailing you should REPENT of your sins and turn to the Lord and God Jesus to be saved from the wrath of God that you deserve. God loves you and desires for you to not die in your and end up in the pit. Turn to Jesus, He can heal you and cleanse you.

  • 12w ago thomas.ledesma.961 thomas.ledesma.961

    You are truly traditional living within the surroundings of ur home country Bai Ling. You have my Respect for being a proud person of where you were born & raised!😍🤩

  • 12w ago kijokai kijokai

    Nice seems like a scene in a movie 😎

  • 12w ago planet__arts planet__arts

    Great inspiration! I wish I could eat some of that awesome street food again! Yum yum!

  • 12w ago jhayden802 jhayden802

    You are my world

  • 12w ago markdmiller65 markdmiller65

    Watch out for the typhoon!

  • 12w ago edinborofi edinborofi

    I wish I could join you on your walk! You always take my breath away!

  • 12w ago mark_trezza mark_trezza

    Look like a local! 😉🔥🤘🌹

  • 12w ago markharvey9703 markharvey9703

    Wise words

  • 12w ago chijia.rural.oilpainting chijia.rural.oilpainting

    Good SHOT iambailing

  • 11w ago wayne.joseph.79 wayne.joseph.79

    Nice video.😊💜👍

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