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@mrrogersmovie moved me (like everyone) to tears. So grateful for the influence of this magical man with integrity and deep wisdom . Watching it i became aware of how much that show lives in me - how the child in me received so much goodness. Respect childhood - stop rushing - listen - make room for feelings -be kind and so much more. Made me grateful for the early childhood educators that i know who remind us parents to slow it all down and to meet our children where they are. Thank you @waldorfowl - your work is important. Parents friends of young people your work is important too!! #kindness #children #humanity #compasion #


  • 18w ago soothewithin soothewithin

    This is a "MUST SEE"! 2 Thumbs Up and 5☆.

  • 18w ago yogawithsimran yogawithsimran

    Same 😊♥️ such an inspiring and sweet way to live.

  • 18w ago

    Loved everything about this documentary. So grateful for my childhood with Mr Rogers. This is a must see for all!🌈💫💜

  • 18w ago kqsurf kqsurf

    We saw it too. What an Angel

  • 18w ago djw_1776 djw_1776

    Gotta see it. Loved his gentle way. A beautiful soul.

  • 18w ago tinkercreekhandknits tinkercreekhandknits

    He taught me to “find the helpers” when I am overwhelmed by a tragedy that hurts people or takes their lives. That one sentence still helps me through to this day.

  • 18w ago 2ndl3tt3r 2ndl3tt3r

    I have to see this.

  • 18w ago samurai_sosa samurai_sosa

    Was one of the greatest

  • 18w ago fabe93101 fabe93101

    Amen to that ♥️♥️♥️

  • 18w ago liber_ation liber_ation

    Thank you 🌟 Have a nice day

  • 18w ago roseteaembroidery roseteaembroidery

    I requested this movie for my birthday ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • 18w ago ananthjames ananthjames

    So humble👌☺

  • 18w ago brooklynsteve2878 brooklynsteve2878

    @carrieannemoss it was awesome, brought a tear to my eye

  • 18w ago soundlibations soundlibations

    He loved me through the TV set. I was 5. Great Doc.🧡🧡

  • 18w ago carrieannemoss carrieannemoss


  • 18w ago illuminatimultimedia illuminatimultimedia

    @carrieannemoss Thanks for this. I testify that this man's work transcended cultural boundaries.

  • 18w ago waldorfowl waldorfowl

    @carrieannemoss ❤️ he always felt like a soul brother to me grateful for all that he was and that he shared with the world!

  • 18w ago fiercegracecollective fiercegracecollective

    @illuminatimultimedia yes much deeper then a tv show

  • 18w ago acwink71 acwink71

    Such a great, feel-good movie! Even made my husband cry, and he NEVER cries!

  • 18w ago miamermaid miamermaid

    Testify! More humans like Fred!

  • 18w ago _fernwood_ _fernwood_

    Yes, that was such a good one! He’s one of my heroes.

  • 18w ago mindfulwisdomnow mindfulwisdomnow

    This man and his authentic dedication to respecting childhood holds such a special place in my heart. He celebrated the simplicity and dignity of the simple things. ❤️

  • 18w ago jjlwis jjlwis

    Cried 😭

  • 18w ago renemies78 renemies78

    Grown men were crying in the theater where I watched this. 🙏❤

  • 18w ago pirilortakoglu23 pirilortakoglu23

    Have a nice day. 💯💯💯

  • 18w ago maria_ghaled maria_ghaled

  • 18w ago elisymba2016 elisymba2016


  • 18w ago rosemarydirects rosemarydirects

    @carrieannemoss Fred Rogers was a revolutionary! I had no idea. So grateful for the beautiful film

  • 18w ago eve_and_awesome eve_and_awesome

    I´m from germany. Didn´t knew him or his work. But what I saw a clip on YT and was very moved by his gentle kindness and good heart. I always felt a similar energy about Jim Hensons work, which I loved as a child and still love as an adult. This is very inspiring. Thank you.

  • 18w ago syfoxxonline syfoxxonline

    As a kid I always wanted to live in a neighborhood like Mr.Roger's. I'm grateful to have had shows like this during my childhood.

  • 18w ago leeharrisenergy leeharrisenergy

    Never saw the show (growing up in England). I wish we had received it. The movie blew me away and blew heart/tear ducts open. So Inspired by his sense of mission. ❤️🙏

  • 18w ago shamleyuk shamleyuk

    One of the best films I've seen all year.

  • 18w ago asianprincess78 asianprincess78

    He is a true legend, isn't he @carrieannemoss? The world needs more people like him, right now. Desperately.

  • 18w ago jclaypotterystudio jclaypotterystudio

    Ah! I loved it so much, too. It was such a good reminder of so many simple & profound things...a way to connect with the beauty in pure intention and love. 😘😘

  • 18w ago hughes_creamery hughes_creamery

    He taught me that there are always “helpers” in bad moments. To always look for the helpers. I teach my children this... Love Mr. Rogers and his family. You post the most wonderful feelings Carrie. ❤️

  • 18w ago beckbushido beckbushido

    @mindfulwisdomnow 🎯🎯🎯

  • 18w ago matthewjweiss matthewjweiss

    Twas so good. And so needed this day in age

  • 17w ago the_joyful_project the_joyful_project

    I'm in a Canadian in Australia and really really hope it comes here (but have a feeling it won't 😔)

  • 10w ago sixbeatsofseparation sixbeatsofseparation


  • 3w ago candicecrawford candicecrawford

    It was so beautiful! So much #love to the details of him weighing 143 lbs 💞
    The ending was sad but he was love and that’s all that mattered. Then it reminded of my ex #BrianYanish he is the next me Rogers to me #thescrapkins #junkrethunk

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