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Watching Liam love Pearl melts me. I'm so thankful that he's her Dad and she has this man as hers forever. ❤️


  • 17w ago kathycooke99 kathycooke99

    This is just too cute 💗

  • 17w ago ashleigh_darlings ashleigh_darlings

    I love that you called him forever hers!!!

  • 17w ago ummjawzi ummjawzi


  • 17w ago heathermitchell064 heathermitchell064


  • 17w ago x._charlotte_emma_.x x._charlotte_emma_.x

    Feels 😍❤️

  • 17w ago blackroseclio blackroseclio


  • 17w ago chanifries chanifries

    Awe Louise. This is truly what success looks like. Moments of pure contentment. ❤️❤️

  • 17w ago needlek needlek

    That’s a beautiful way to describe a Dad. Hers forever. I’m forever pleased I’ve chosen the Dad I have for my girls xx

  • 17w ago xalice.louise xalice.louise


  • 17w ago jazzmander jazzmander

    I hate how I read the name Liam and automatically assume I’m reading something One Direction related 🙄 Cute pic btw 💖😂

  • 17w ago _myhappyeverafter _myhappyeverafter

    ❤️❤️ gosh she looks so big here! Gorgeous girl ✨

  • 17w ago likerarediamonds likerarediamonds

    Your family has made me very happy in the past few months. Picture perfect but I love seeing dads being dads and you have captured that well in your own way.

  • 17w ago tropicanacrystal tropicanacrystal

    aw this is adorable! OwO

  • 17w ago truccobaleno truccobaleno


  • 17w ago issyamberjayne issyamberjayne

    I love that even though we don’t really see anything of Liam on here or your channel, it’s still so so evident how much he loves ALL of you. Not just Pearl and you but also Darcy. I think that’s the mark of a really good man. He sounds like a very good egg! My own ‘dad’ I don’t even call dad I call him a sperm doner and cut contact with him. and it’s affected me a lot. But it makes me massively happy to see families with good father figures still because for some reason it’s something I personally see less of. He sounds like a very caring person and your girlies are so lucky you be growing up in a family like that xx

  • 17w ago ashatalks ashatalks

    How lucky is she to have you both ❤️❤️❤️

  • 17w ago zakiazeba zakiazeba

  • 17w ago sunshine67tx sunshine67tx

    She’s so precious

  • 17w ago mky957 mky957

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 حلووووو

  • 17w ago livyy_bobs_ livyy_bobs_


  • 17w ago matchstick_monkey matchstick_monkey

    I spot a monkey 😍🐒 We hope it can help Pearl with her teething 💗

  • 17w ago engin.salur.37 engin.salur.37


  • 17w ago sophcullen sophcullen

    She is so scrummy 🧡

  • 17w ago smartini03 smartini03

    What a lovely little person you’ve made ☺️

  • 17w ago christinaluisephotos christinaluisephotos

    This is so sweet!

  • 17w ago roartoons roartoons

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  • 17w ago roartoons roartoons

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  • 17w ago roartoons roartoons

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  • 17w ago zoekeenam zoekeenam

    Hiya Louise, Pearl is just beautiful. I watched one of your videos with Darcy making a den out of some plastic sticks & would love some for my son who loves making dens-what ate they called? Thanks

  • 17w ago zoekeenam zoekeenam


  • 17w ago lorraine.weaver2 lorraine.weaver2

    Beautiful 💖

  • 17w ago xo_emmacx xo_emmacx

    Me when I see food

  • 17w ago anupam4143 anupam4143


  • 17w ago beth_hxmill beth_hxmill

    So beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  • 17w ago s3r1na_99 s3r1na_99

    Awe bless

  • 17w ago forthecurious forthecurious


  • 17w ago pameladuncan287 pameladuncan287

    @louisepentland 💗her wee face💗

  • 17w ago queenalienor queenalienor

    Even in just the short clips of him playing with her in your weekly vlogs you can tell how much he loves her 😭💕

  • 17w ago nina_and_her_twins nina_and_her_twins

    I love you and your channel i just wish you would show a little less of your beautiful children. Liam had the choice of being online and i wish pearl would have it too. Anyways, you seem to be a wonderful Mum! Ps. I loooove Esther, everybody should have a friend like her 😊

  • 17w ago bernithagraves bernithagraves

    Dam that is crazy

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