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Thanks for a night filled with smiles and incredible views @lancomeofficial 🌹 #makesomeonehappy


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    love seeing your joy - it’s infectious. thanks for being a friend (without knowing me) 🍯💛

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  • 8w ago story_of_anna story_of_anna

    Your outfit and smile 🤩💕

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    Shiny girl❤

  • 8w ago jessie.elliott jessie.elliott

    ur the cutest

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    Paris is such a great city! Cool outfit 🎉

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    You’re a babe!! 🌟

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    You’re the cutest😍😂❤️

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  • 8w ago tianslucent tianslucent

    How do you find the goyard leather of your travel bag holds up compared to LV? I saw @amelialiana ‘s bag and died but yours is super cute too and more subtle. It just doesn’t look as structured?

  • 8w ago abboroughs abboroughs

    You’re the cutest human

  • 8w ago camill0n camill0n

    Haha you're so cute!

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    HI Estée ! I just saw your story concerning the products you bought in France ! There's one product you didnt know what it was for, the Biafine one. It is a hydrating cream for your face. It has a very rich composition I think ( better try to use it before bed..? IDK ) The brand is usually for very dry skins ( it also usually helps A LOT when you got burn because of the sun or even because you burn yourself with fire. In France it's very common to say " here's some Biafine for your sunburn ! " Haha ) but yeah. Hope it helped a bit.

  • 8w ago esteelalonde esteelalonde

    @mllelamarin THANK YOU!

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    You're a beauty omg

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    @kellylynne036 facts

  • 8w ago unicorngutz12 unicorngutz12

    Those freaking boots 🖤🖤🖤 where are they from!?

  • 8w ago lenvalverde17 lenvalverde17

    I just need to say that ... you seem to have blossomed since you’re single... Wow!!!🎉 like you’re having so much fun being your own person!!! 🌷🌷🌷 You go girl!!! 💃🏻

  • 8w ago shannonbryana shannonbryana

    So so pretty!!!

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    How beautiful, the Eiffel Tower is too I guess 😉💕

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    @mllelamarin biafine is made to cure light burning, especially sunburns. Noone uses it for anything else in France ;)

  • 8w ago mllelamarin mllelamarin

    @lauramunsch1 Ce n'est pas tout à fait vrai puisque la gamme de soin du visage Sensibiafine présentée dans sa story est faite pour les peaux sensibles voire très sèches etc. Et qu'elle a trouvé ce produit en France. Donc : tout le monde en France n'utilise pas Biafine que pour les coups de soleil :) C'est une marque certes expertes en brûlure mais qui a créé d'autres gammes dont celle des soins visages pour peau très sensibles voire atopiques ;)

  • 8w ago roneykaith roneykaith

    Your smile is GINORMOUS!!!!!!!

  • 8w ago vikkibeautybox vikkibeautybox

    Wow fab 😍 also I love your jacket please let your fans know where it from ? x

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