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Fighting for every breath. They do not want to die.
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  • 17w ago mcpe17 mcpe17


  • 17w ago mah.holmes mah.holmes

    These poor animals RIP sweet angels 😒

  • 17w ago dananestian dananestian


  • 17w ago onkakatonka onkakatonka


  • 17w ago alexandracristina23 alexandracristina23


  • 17w ago pagrown0220 pagrown0220


  • 17w ago sarahvic19 sarahvic19

    I feel sick. Heartbreaking to see these beautiful beings suffering like this. This has to stop. Go vegan people.

  • 17w ago sarah_burrows sarah_burrows

    I’m sorry :((

  • 17w ago ashannehall ashannehall


  • 17w ago warcameagle warcameagle


  • 17w ago celiakins celiakins

    This is absolutely disgusting barbaric cruelty and murder to beautiful innocent beings that dont deserves this treatment it's not exceptable and should not be allowed to happen at all dont support murder keep away from animal products let's stop this now close all slaughter houses worldwide forever it's sickening cruelty suffering and mistreatment for greed only Don't support murder go plant based πŸ’”

  • 17w ago jessicanieves89 jessicanieves89

    @itsrachelduhhhh they don’t deserve this. None of them do. Poor babies ❀️ sometimes I just really hate humans. We’re so cruel to these innocent creatures.

  • 17w ago debbiewatmore debbiewatmore

    Shame on us

  • 17w ago _consciousliving _consciousliving


  • 17w ago mags.eats.grass mags.eats.grass


  • 17w ago joshmcginleyfitness joshmcginleyfitness

    This is absolutely horrendous . These beings are just like our pets . They experience emotion , pain , dear , love and all have a conscious reality . We need to evolve from this madness and brutality and transcended into the compassionate and mindful beings we can be . We can be fit , healthy and strong all with the produce mother earth supplies us with . Let's end this cruelty and torture and help save these beings , our health and the planet . #govegan

  • 17w ago joshmcginleyfitness joshmcginleyfitness

    @joshmcginleyfitness fear *

  • 17w ago oakley_thats_me oakley_thats_me


  • 17w ago michelle1027 michelle1027

    It's so sad.

  • 17w ago leah_rachel_hawkins leah_rachel_hawkins

    Horrific evil treatment! A HORROR GO VEGAN NOW!! πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

  • 17w ago theveganspread theveganspread

    @jonnydelgiacco look at her fighting for breath 😭 eating meat is not worth her suffering so sad!

  • 17w ago rocksean1 rocksean1


  • 17w ago sketchyasschris sketchyasschris


  • 17w ago l_janneck l_janneck

    I am so sorry babies.

  • 17w ago samanthagenskecondon samanthagenskecondon


  • 17w ago jamiehodesdrums jamiehodesdrums


  • 17w ago guldencomic guldencomic

    My poor babies. I feel ashamed to be a human and not to be able to save their lives, for now!

  • 17w ago venus0007 venus0007


  • 17w ago mydrpony mydrpony


  • 17w ago chikkiprince21 chikkiprince21

    For God sake don't treat them like this Love them

  • 17w ago sidecar_tommy sidecar_tommy


  • 17w ago lotta_s_e lotta_s_e

    This hurts just watching, I can't even imagine how she feels πŸ˜’πŸ’”

  • 17w ago tinahes tinahes

    No to meat no dairy #govegan

  • 17w ago miriam_depina miriam_depina


  • 17w ago dori_lopo dori_lopo


  • 17w ago nickis_blickwinkel nickis_blickwinkel


  • 17w ago yasmine_touati yasmine_touati


  • 17w ago theandyvegan theandyvegan

    Omg they need water! It’s such a disgrace how we treat animals! πŸ’”

  • 17w ago circledufreak circledufreak


  • 17w ago esmemart75 esmemart75


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