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Britney Tokyo, America's most famous nail artist is coming to New York for her first solo art exhibition.
During the exhibition period, Britney TOKYO will host a daily nail workshop.
Share this event with the hashtag #BritneyTokyo to win a chance to participate. 💅

Britney TOKYO Art Show in NY
Place : Plus81 Gallery
167 Elizabeth Street, New York
Term: Sep 14th (Fri) - 16th (Sun)

全米No. 1ネイルアーティスト、ブリトニートーキョーが初のアートショウをNYで開催!

ショウの期間中(9月14- 16日)ネイルのワークショップに抽選で1名様をご招待します。参加ご希望の方は下記のハッシュタグをつけてシェアかリグラムしてね!

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