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There's something about crisp white ink that makes me swoon. I've looked for a good stamping ink for a while, but haven't found one that is (a) truly opaque and (b) dries on top of acrylic paint. So, I've been using printing ink instead and it looks great! Takes a little while longer to dry, but I think it's worth it.
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  • 5w ago lutherra lutherra

    that's a great idea, there isn't a white inkpad that's opaque, at least in all the critiques I've seen or read. a brayer and a piece of glass and you're ready to print. thanks

  • 5w ago marie_de_paris_france marie_de_paris_france

    What is printing ink? Where do you find it? If you don't mind me asking! ☺️

  • 5w ago sailcats sailcats


  • 5w ago lindaedkinswyatt lindaedkinswyatt

    Agree! Love white and hard to find a good ink. Love this design

  • 5w ago cherylfromchicago cherylfromchicago

    Any fabric inking?

  • 5w ago nosoybasura nosoybasura

    Beautiful Julie!🙏💗

  • 5w ago peepsandfur peepsandfur

    Love it.

  • 5w ago dizzyinlondon dizzyinlondon

    Yes, it’s worth the wait! Just 💚🧡💜💛❤️💙

  • 5w ago


  • 5w ago lynda_shoup lynda_shoup

    Yes, it sounds worth the wait.

  • 1w ago color_cat_cindy color_cat_cindy

    Yeah, I found Nasco’s printing ink is nice and opaque too and cheaper than many. Loving Nasco! It’s good for the supplies I get for my students too.

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