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if you’re in a place where everything feels upside down and you’re just trying to re-center… maybe you’re having trouble remembering God’s faithfulness in your own story. girl, know that you can grab a sister’s hand & borrow hers. borrow someone’s story of His goodness…of how He turned the “what was meant for harm & destruction” to “a story of life & freedom” …replay the soundtrack of hope over & over. and then watch as your soul centers over the truth that he has been faithful all along. & if you see a sister who needs to be reminded of her own sweet dreams, reminded that she’s brave & He is faithful…then you sing it in her ear until she can carry the tune on her own.
#simplethoughts {a beautiful moment of @madiknudsen & @kaylabagwell 🖤 📷 @jennifer_blair_ @kayliebpoplin } @bhldn



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