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Waving is honestly one of my favorite styles but I never really felt that comfortable doing it. Maybe due to physiology (lack of flexibility) or just that fact that I never felt like it came natural to me. My friend @waveomatic always encouraged me to explore it more and back in 2011 he asked me to make a clip for a waving dvd he was working on. This is that clip BUT, I never sent it to him because I didn’t feel it was good enough...unfortunately he passed the following year...I’m sharing this now to honor him and the amazing friend and person he was! He was such an integral part of this culture here in LA and me it wasn’t because of his style, it was his love and passion that he shared with EVERYONE, his encouragement and acceptance no matter your style or skill level! I wish he could see us now and how much the culture has grown! The world needs more people like him...This one’s for you WaveO! Link in bio for a slightly longer clip🤘🏻#wavingwednesday #waveowednesday #waveomatic


  • 8w ago checkers.000 checkers.000

    Your are awesome!

  • 8w ago jrockabm jrockabm


  • 8w ago jrockabm jrockabm

    Nasty AF

  • 8w ago ffabioferre ffabioferre


  • 8w ago juliekiddthefunnymom juliekiddthefunnymom


  • 8w ago vibe_therobot vibe_therobot

    I have watched some videos on YouTube of Waveomatic and he is amazing. He is one that I learned my waving from on YouTube.

  • 8w ago deanne.stern deanne.stern

    Rare footage of a unknown breed of Cobra Snake!

  • 8w ago its_fedrick_not_frederick its_fedrick_not_frederick

    Nature is beautiful 😢

  • 8w ago smoothgalaxy123 smoothgalaxy123

    Fire brotha 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥⛽️⛽️⛽️

  • 8w ago salokhiddin097 salokhiddin097

    👍👍👍👍👍amazing bro

  • 8w ago jada_delaney jada_delaney

    You’re beautiful at it, Just Do It! Sway ‘em with your wave!

  • 8w ago sweettand2 sweettand2

    Excellent YOU GOT THIS

  • 8w ago benjy_pops benjy_pops

    Madd chadd doing waving? 😂😂 I always see you doing robot... nice bro

  • 8w ago sandra.lct sandra.lct

    For me this is amazing I really love your work

  • 8w ago chasingctut chasingctut


  • 8w ago itsmescottyv itsmescottyv

    I have to start dancing again. I look at you and nonstop and jaja and all these super dope people I want to dance again and get it out there as you said just for the passion of it. When I danced “back in the day” I kept it to myself from 4-16 you were likely there when I first started dancing in “public”. I love posts like this because for 12 years I danced by myself for myself. Because dance was one of the only things I had. It should always be about the passion first. I’m glad your sharing it now. I’m sure he would have loved it.

  • 8w ago davide_gribaudo davide_gribaudo

    @fede_scal è da lui che ho imparato a isolare la testa

  • 8w ago bryanimate bryanimate

    Wavoooooo we miss u brotha!!

  • 8w ago seels5 seels5


  • 8w ago likjay01 likjay01

    This is one of d best bro!!!!😍😍😍😍😍

  • 8w ago guymesilati2517 guymesilati2517

    Like a snake in the grass

  • 8w ago robozee.idf robozee.idf

    Wavo , so much passion ,effort and energy, !!! ❤️😢

  • 8w ago aush_oroko aush_oroko

    Rip @Waveo

  • 8w ago spitfire_beatbox spitfire_beatbox

    Like a snake 🐍 Dope

  • 8w ago ahmed_dono ahmed_dono


  • 8w ago waterbedzzz waterbedzzz

    @jocklobster when the Escondido’s hit

  • 8w ago therobosteve therobosteve


  • 8w ago iamdubson iamdubson


  • 8w ago smirff_vee_mays smirff_vee_mays

    Epic something so real in your movements body was so totally telling a story💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • 8w ago alloysiouspopper alloysiouspopper

    Yah am one of your fun across the universe mr: chadd,but ireally wounder the way you use to hit your body,its bomb berst

  • 8w ago tushar_d_das tushar_d_das


  • 8w ago johnwane__ johnwane__

    @maddchadd Much respect, always on 🔥. Waveo was one of a kind. He had real love for Waving and for the Culture and always he loved to give lavishly his knowledge.. ✊♥🌊

  • 8w ago rj_photographix rj_photographix

    actually it looks really amazing to me. I have never seen waving someone like this 😲😲😲😲😲

  • 8w ago devilwithin_1379 devilwithin_1379

    wooooow dude ur great at wave i wish u make some video about that

  • 8w ago danasty69 danasty69


  • 8w ago loriwill410 loriwill410

    This is just beautiful! It brought me to tears...not good enough? It is breathtakingly beautiful!

  • 7w ago lucbeaulieu2015 lucbeaulieu2015

    Rest in power Wave-o-matic. This og inspire so much good robot dancer like you to incorporate waving in their dance.

  • 7w ago skybluewithdaisies skybluewithdaisies

    Chillzzzz 💛💛

  • 6w ago j.stwrd j.stwrd

    This is mad satisfying

  • 1w ago robin.nilsson.3110 robin.nilsson.3110


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