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I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to anyone: I like art supplies. A lot. Shopping for new art supplies is one of my favorite activities. 🤗Recently, I “accidentally” wandered into Dick Blick and “accidentally” bought enough to stuff to get the free tote bag of goodies. Oooops! ☺️😜 One of the items in the bag was their house brand of colored pencils. 💙💚✏️🧡💜 Being a curious soul, I decide to road test the pencils and compare their performance to my beloved Prismacolor colored pencils. Being a sharing sort, I also recorded the whole thing. 🎥 The video is on my blog and up on YouTube. The short version is: I think they’re comparable. The Blick ones are slightly cheaper, so that might be a decision maker. 🤔💸⁉️ Do you have a favorite colored pencil?!
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  • 9w ago le_shelton le_shelton

    I have accidentally wandered in there myself a few times... wonder if that’s why we are on a first name basis?!!😳🤪

  • 9w ago threecatfarm_ threecatfarm_

    I love 'accidentally' buying art supplies too! My craft room is a large teetering tippy piled high 'accident" lol (i seem to also have a lot of 'accidents' with discarded books)!

  • 9w ago shunting1919 shunting1919

    I love your curiosity! You always think outside the box. You inspire me!

  • 9w ago annj1313 annj1313

    Prismacolor......and.......RoseArt!!!!! (No kidding!! For inexpensive & ability to go crazy with a million colors, these are great wax lead pencils🧡🧡🧡🧡)

  • 9w ago sylviamarris sylviamarris

    I received my first set of Derwent coloured pencils when I was 15, nearly 40 years later I’m still loving them, the watercolour pencils are my favourite.

  • 9w ago scrappygirl scrappygirl

    I love the Faber-Castell Albrecht Durer. Watercolor pencils are my jam!!

  • 8w ago theaderene theaderene

    @balzerdesigns Prismacolor blends well but I heard they changed companies and my set is over a decade old. Crayola is a great budget friendly option but again my set is at least a decade old so I don't know if the formula has changed.

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