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Snap on and take off.


  • 8w ago brumfernanda brumfernanda

    Eu preciso!

  • 8w ago chrisrayfilms chrisrayfilms

    Can this record phone conversations?

  • 8w ago da_greenjah da_greenjah

    Feel you guys should've made it thinner. Rode made it couple of years ago by now. Just sayin'

  • 8w ago nigiano nigiano

    how? Much? Please!!!

  • 8w ago djshiye djshiye

    @chrisrayfilms its an external mic, it doesn't interact with internal software

  • 8w ago chrisrayfilms chrisrayfilms

    @djshiye Rad option to ditch the H6N device.

  • 8w ago tofuzal tofuzal

    @sennheiser i’m having problems in buying

  • 8w ago gametheori gametheori

    Can you share the product code or link on the web to read about it's specs and use capability.

  • 8w ago sennheiser sennheiser

    @tofuzal Hi there! We'd love to assist. Please get in touch by calling 877-736-6434 or contact us via - Thank you!

  • 8w ago irl_anthony irl_anthony

    @nigiano this isn’t a store, you will have to purchase from a retailer or distributor

  • 8w ago ebdiquez ebdiquez


  • 8w ago heavymetalslutmachine heavymetalslutmachine

    Take off hoser

  • 8w ago soyalexmorfin soyalexmorfin


  • 8w ago qq_car qq_car

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