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My Take on PDP Presidential Aspirants:

A Journalist called me this mourning and asked me what is my take about PDP Presidential aspirants? PDP is the leading opposition party in Nigeria. I answered him that I will write something about that InshaAllah!
My Take:

Some months back even before Sokoto state Governor @AWTambuwal defected to the PDP, my brother and Friend, @adeyanjudeji, told us that River state Governor Wike and PDP chairman @UcheSecondus promised Tambuwal the PDP presidential ticket.
It will suicidal for PDP to give Tambuwal the presidential ticket as Tambuwal has no grassroot Support even in Sokoto. Tambuwal can not get one-fifth of the votes in Sokoto against Buhari. And Tambuwal is one of the 5 Northern Governors recruited by the Saudi regime to execute it #ShiaGenocide agenda in Nigeria.
Former Vice President Atiku desperately wanted to rule but he does not have Grassroot support. The biggest mistake Atiku made in his political career is his failure to cultivate the common man. Building a University for children of the elites was a blunder. How many votes do the elites have? Buhari will defeat Atiku in Adamawa state.
Makarfi is a good person that I respect but his political base is weak. He has good Leadership qualities of building bridges and a good dispenser of good governance but his grassroot support is weak.
Senate President Saraki is a great politician and good tactician but his political base is only Kwara state. Saraki should have extended his tentacles and network to the Middle Belt region as the Senate President but he failed to do so.
David Mark and Jonah Jang are only pretenders. They are not Presidential materials. As Senators what are their achievements? One of them is working for Buhari.
Among all PDP presidential aspirants, former Governor of Kano state, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has the biggest Political base and massive grassroot support. Buhari got 2 million votes in Kano state during the 2015 elections. Kwankwaso can take half of these votes from him. Kwankwaso can weaken Buhari advantage in the North West and North East. Defeat Buhari in the Middle Belt region and defeat him in Southern Nigeria.
Buhari and gang


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