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Got lice? 😳
A great defence against getting those creepy crawleys in the house is making up this spray, + getting on the kid’s heads, jackets, + backpacks! 🙇🏼‍♂️🧥🎒
It’s no secret that lice HATE Tea Tree oil, so it’s pretty awesome that we have Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Tea Tree/Melaleuca in the house! 💪🏼 Clove oil is a natural vermicide, so another great one for repelling the louse. The Geranium is in there for... well... so this spray will smell a little better than it normally would! 🌸
In a 60ml Stainless or Glass Spray Bottle:
25 drops Tea Tree
10 drops Clove
5 drops Geranium
Top up with water, + spray the kids daily on their way out the door!💦💨
If you’re too late + you’ve gotten the 🦗 already, then add 5 drops of Tea Tree to a dime amount of shampoo, + again into your conditioner. Massage + rinse. Repeat for a few days until all signs of lice is gone.. eggs too!! 😷
Because we ABSOLUTELY don’t want them in the house!! Like, ever. 🙅🏻‍♀️
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