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I’m just over here leveling up and shit.
Harder can sometimes mean that change is happening. Life is shaking things up. That’s what seems to be happening. My sails are being adjusted as I enter some uncharted territory.
I’m in this space of being still and listening. Sacred space. I’m in between here and there. I’m not going back and I’m not going forward. I’m not a time traveler or a travel agent. I’m just staying present. Honoring just today. Today is enough.
I think whether life is getting harder or not, we keep leveling up. We learn, we grow, we level up. Day by day.
I love you. I love me. I love us.
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  • 10w ago colorbwise colorbwise

    Oh lord-leveling up?!?Thats exactly what I’m facing..thanks for giving me a new tag line!..xox

  • 10w ago jillfrezados jillfrezados


  • 10w ago luvsams luvsams


  • 10w ago jendrandall jendrandall

    Leveling up like a badass. Like I wasn’t even trying to level up and it just happened. That’s how badass I am. 😂😂😂 Storming through the setbacks and disappointments and shit like it’s what I was born to do. 💪🏻 Hot damn maybe that’s just it. (Didn’t expect to have a revelation mid-reply). Love to you today. ❤️❤️

  • 10w ago faithhopelovetherapy faithhopelovetherapy

    I needed to read this today! I’m definitely in the process of leveling up ❤️❤️❤️

  • 10w ago kbmajesky kbmajesky

    You have no idea how badly needed this was today. God is using you to reach out to a lot of people that need to hear things. 💖 u rock, sister 💙

  • 10w ago centeronlife centeronlife

    😃I love this!!!!

  • 10w ago sherbertcafe sherbertcafe

    Leveling up is good!

  • 10w ago romiabm romiabm

    You truly are one badass always imparting wisdom...grateful! 🙏🏼💙😘

  • 10w ago libertysandersbain libertysandersbain

    @shandiddle ummm. Tis

  • 10w ago linda_lettering linda_lettering

    Rosemary thank you for the continued positivity. Love you right back. Your posts always inspire me.

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @linda_lettering Thank you, Linda. Sending big HUGS!💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @birthblessings I’m trying, Lisa. Loving you!😍

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @karsjules I love you, Karen. I will never stop writing. Ever. 💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @colorbwise I’m holding you in my heart as you level up Christy. 💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @jillfrezados 💙💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @luvsams 💙💙

  • 10w ago tmy1056 tmy1056

    Love this! It reminds me of when kids are little and trying to learn something new - there's always a lot of fussing while they are trying to 'level up'. We should let ourselves fuss a bit while we learn to handle today.

  • 10w ago thewallacereboot thewallacereboot


  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @centeronlife 💙💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @kbmajesky I am holding you in my heart. God is pretty cool how He brings us all together, huh?! I adore you💙💙💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @faithhopelovetherapy You are not alone. You are held and you are loved. And in this period of leveling up, remember you are a badass Warrior! 💙💙💙

  • 10w ago sarahdimattina sarahdimattina

    Love this!

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @jendrandall JEN, I am right next to you as you adjust your sails through these storms and keep leveling up. I love that you showed up for your SELF while leaving a comment AND you probably showed up for others, like me!
    You are a badass. A beautiful strong and weak Warrior! I adore you. 💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @sherbertcafe It is such a good thing!💙💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @romiabm Thanks Sister! I love that we are all leveling up in our own individual ways and yet doing it together. 😘💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @tmy1056 Teresa!! I am a visual person and this is golden. I always say I imagine my self as a 5 year throwing a fit on the ground just getting it all out. I see her often.
    Thanks for this! Be good to your SELF. Be kind to YOU!💙

  • 10w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @mourningdovemotherhood Loving you😘

  • 10w ago stevensonkatie5 stevensonkatie5 💪🏾💪🏾

  • 9w ago shandiddle shandiddle

    @libertysandersbain so good

  • 9w ago jendrandall jendrandall

    @thejoywarrior lord have mercy I just wrote this truly lovely reply with poetry and shit in it and somehow it just deleted itself.

  • 9w ago jendrandall jendrandall

    @thejoywarrior [I FOUND IT!] who knew how sacred instagram could be? And how did you know that having someone right with me was what I needed the most? Yesterday I heard poet David Whyte say that “the touchstone of friendship is witness” - thank you for bearing witness to my struggle even in the midst of your pain. Despite the distance, despite me not having a clue what it is like to live inside your body, despite us never having actually met - I am right there with you, holding you in the tenderest part of my heart. Also if you need a laugh- my phone autocorrected witness as “whiteness” 🤦🏻‍♀️ glad I fixed that

  • 9w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @jendrandall 🤣

  • 9w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @jendrandall I so adore you! Instagram has robbed me of enough posts that I now screenshot each one like 5 sentences at a time bc I write straight from the heart each time. And as many times as I write “and shit”, auto-correct STILL wants me to write “and shot”! It’s an ohhmydamn every single time!
    It’s so important to bear witness for each other. As I often write, we all have a f💙ck face, mine is just literally my face. I write this to say that we all have great challenges and pain and struggles. If we were neighbors, I’d be there in a heartbeat. We aren’t and so this is how I can show up for you, by holding you in my heart, saying a prayer (even if it’s just lifting your name). My people here, surrounding me, can’t imagine my pain however they do see the suffering. There are no words, just hugs and I love you’s. I may not have words for your pain bc I may not know it, but I can love you through it. And I do. 💙

  • 9w ago jendrandall jendrandall

    @thejoywarrior rosemary you are the best ever and your name is the best name. Well except maybe for Fancy. Now that’s a name. ❤️

  • 9w ago kfmorell kfmorell

    @casieface 😍

  • 9w ago bearclaw4 bearclaw4

    There you go, spouting wisdom all over the place again! Life masters are just leveling up everywhere. Love this, and you my friend!💙💙💙

  • 9w ago thejoywarrior thejoywarrior

    @bearclaw4 Feels right, huh?! Just to keep leveling up instead of bringing ourselves down to the word “struggle”. I love you tons! 💙💙

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